Monday, June 26, 2017

MASK MONDAY: Aloe Vera OverNight Mask For Acne Free Skin

If you don't know, one of my favorite search engines to browse other than Google is Pinterest. And last night I decided to do an experiment on something natural. I knew I wanted to do a natural overnight mask and there were two I was eager to do but I chose this one because it was pretty simple. Aloe Vera is something I use almost daily because of its anti-inflammatory properties and it's ability to sooth, protect, and prevent bacteria build up which is often the cause of acne.  

To Use: 

1. Cut off a fresh aloe vera leaf and squeeze out the aloe vera gel OR you can buy pure aloe vera gel. Because I didn't have time to go to the store I opted for the pure aloe vera gel I had at home. 
2. Apply the gel all over face and leave on as a overnight mask.
3.  Wash it off with warm water followed by cold water in the morning.
4. Take one sheet of paper towel or a clean wag and pat skin dry.

Once the acne clears up make sure you apply aloe vera gel to your skin on a regular basis because aloe vera further prevents acne breakouts. 

Add 1-2 drops of pure tea tree oil to 1-2 table spoons of aloe vera gel to spot treat acne or pimples. Tea Tree Oil is a great natural alternative to benzoyl peroxide which is often the treatment used for acne. It reduces inflammation and kills bacteria which can cause acne to spread and also remove acne marks and dark spots.

But remember just because tea tree oil is natural its very potent and if used wrong and too much it can cause the skin to dry  out and over produce oils further worsening acne. 

Always consult with a dermatologist or invest in having facials at least 1-2 times a month! I recommend this to people who have problematic skin and need professional guidance. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I Tried It!: Elf Day To Night Lip Duo | Pinterest Series

I must admit I love Pinterest and I see  so many things on there that I've tried or like to try and many of these things I never document. But I think this would a fun series! SO if you are a pinterest lover there is this new feature called "I Tried It" that's underneath every post. So lets just say you seen a DIY mask on pinterest posted by a friend and you want to try it out. So you try out the diy and once you try it you go back to that post saying you tried it and give a review on it. Well this is my way of recording my thoughts on things that I've tried. You know how I do it on my blog. I keep it 100 and I break everything down!

So this is my first I Tried It Pinterest Series post inspired by Pinterest of course and I also want to give credit to a fellow blogger that I highly respect +Nicole Kestenbaum  of Lipstick and Brunch who started a series a couple months back that I think you should check out. Her series is called Try It Tuesday!

So moving forward I picked up this e.l.f day to night lip duo inside Target because I was super intrigued by it. And it's $5 what do I have to lose?! Now back in the day you couldn't get me to purchase anything cosmetically from elf other than their brushes but elf has come a heck of a long way.  And I didn't think about doing a post on it until I was on Pinterest the other day and I went to click the button "I TRIED IT" to review it on Pinterest and thought, "WAYMENT...why not make this a blog series?" So here I am. Talking about this drugstore product that is very affordable and I think you should check out. 

When elf developed this duo they thought about efficiency, convenience, and ways to give us variety. This duo lipstic offers a  for that working woman who like to go out at the end of the day and need something that transition. or for that business entrepreneur who's always on the move and need. or even for the moms. Convenience is very important to me now and time is so limited. I need something that take me from day to night with ease. This lipstick has a velvety satin finish and is enriched with Shea, and Vitamin A, C and E to nourish and hydrate. I chose the shade Need It Nudes because of the environment I work in so i chose the safe option. But If I were to get another one my next option would be The Best Berries

Because both shades are pretty neutral I can wear them both anywhere anytime of the day. I've also layered both shades and done the ombre effect. You can never go wrong with classic nudes and they are non-offensive because it's a neutral tone and can be worn with anything and transition from day to night. Because the tones are more muted you may want to add more drama to the eyes for your night time look.  Another way to make this lip color a bit more dramatic is with a darker lip liner. Have you tried this lipstick? What shade do you have? If you don't have it just take my word for it and invest $5. It's totally worth it. 


Friday, May 19, 2017


*This post contains affiliate links and gifted items. When you purchase from affiliate links I make a small commission. Thank you for your continued support! Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist or certified skin specialist. I try out all the products do my own research on them and share my honest opinion. Be sure to always refer to your doctor if you are uncertain about anything. 

Spring is here and summer is near and and as it gets warmer I try to find ways to keep my skin refreshed during the day and flawless. Mult-Misting has become the it thing for the season and I love the effect that multi-misting gives to my skin and how it preps and finish my makeup.
Pixi Beauty came out with four facial mists that I'm currently loving in this warm weather in Houston. These mists are:
  • Free from testing on animals
  • Retails for $15

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist 
Set Makeup & Hydrate
All-over setting spray for longer wearing makeup

The rose water and green tea infused formula comforts, hydrates, protects and balances. 

Use after makeup to to set and hydrate
Step 1: Close eyes and hold 15cm from face 
Step 2: Close eyes and mist over face & neck
Step 3: Refresh makeup during the day by misting face
Step 4: Correct over-powdering by misting face & patting off excess
Step 5: Mist directly onto makeup brush and apply products as usual to prolong wear

Pixi Vitamin Makeup Mist 
Invigorates & Revives Skin
The orange water base is blended with skin-loving citrus fruit extracts, lavender, and arginine. This adds hydration an a protective veil that cools, refresh & wakes up skin. 

On Clean Bare Skin in the AM or PM
Step 1: Shake to mix 
Step 2: Close eyes and mist over face & neck 

Pixi Glow Mist
Glow & Nourish
use anytime for moisture & glow
All-over glow mist for a dewy finish

Enriched with 13 natural oils plus propolis, aloe vera and fruit extracts

 Use in the AM and PM or when needed
Step 1: Shake to mix 
 Step 2: Close eyes and mist over face & neck

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist
Hydrate & Soothe
use anytime to seal in moisture & soothe
Instant hydration with hyaluronic acid to plump skin. 

A blend of black oat, provitamin A, and linoleic acid makes this rejuvenator the perfect first layer of moisture before serums or makeup

Use In the AM, PM or when needed
Step 1: Shake to mix
Step 2: Close eyes and mist over face & neck


Overall if you follow me on Instagram you would know that I have a special place in my heart for Pixi Skincare products and these are probably some of the most used items. The two I tend to use the most is Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist which I like to use after cleansed skin as a toner. And my all time fav is the Glow Mist which I've been using far longer then any other pixi mist. This is my second bottle and won't be my last.  But overall I love all of them and I think you should give them a try. They're only $15 inside target! So this will forever remain a Stash in my book!

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