Apr 24, 2018

6 Bullet Journaling Benefits

If you are thinking about getting into Bullet Journaling than you have made a wonderful decision. Bullet Journaling is a creative way to not only jot down your thoughts but it keeps you organized and aligned with your goals and aspirations and it's also therapeutic. Many with anxiety & depression bullet journal and have gotten great results from doing it. But I'm talking about bullet journaling from a business aspect.

I recently had the privilege of attending the San Antonio Marketing Mastermind hosted by Grow My Brand and at that retreat that's when I realize I do not journal enough. In fact I don't journal at all and I had to change that! Before that I wasn't much of a journaler, but I discovered how important it is as a business entrepreneur to jot down my thoughts and visions. Great way to declutter my mind! Journaling teaches me how to prioritize my time and to be intentional and to align everything with my goals and visions in life. It teaches about whats most important to me.  

A photo from our Journaling session.
My Journal book that I purchased at Gordmans

You will find out that No bullet journals are the same because they're a representation of you and your goals which makes it YOUnique! So there is no wrong way to create your BuJo, There is no pressure because Bullet Journals are not planners nor are they to do lists. DEATH OF TO-DO LISTS! 

Why Bullet Journaling?

1. Bullet Journaling Allows Me To Be True To Self 
As I said before, no bullet journals are the same because they're a representation of you and your goals, your aspirations which makes it YOUnique. There are no rules to this! There is no stress. There are no un-done tasks. I

2. Bullet Journaling Reduces Stress & Anxiety
Let's face it being an entrepreneur can be stressful and many get anxiety from the thought of failing and the stress from the amount of work that has to be done. Sometimes its too much which is why "To-Do-Lists" should be put to death because they're unrealistic and you find yourself piling more things on the list only to feel that nothing has gotten accomplished. Bullet Journaling wipes away the stress and anxiety and helps you focus on what truly matters.It helps you determine your role and helps you decide what you should delegate and you set goals for each role. You make time for whats important to you and align them with your goals. Then anything else outside of your goals can be added on the calendar IF you have that time available. 

3. No Time Is Being Wasted
Look, your goals are your goals and the time that you use should be towards your goals and anything else would have to wait because time is of an essence. With Bullet Journaling you will find out how important your goals are and you will be more and more inspired to meet every goal that you have on the list. So prioritizing is important when you bujo. And if you carry you bujo with you like you use to carry your planner I guarantee you that you will be a lot more productive with your time and accomplishing your goals. This is definitely about Time Management. 

4. Learn About Yourself
Bullet Journaling is a great way to learn your habits and create new ones that align with your goals. With traditional planners because they're so generic it's hard to learn about yourself. But when you create your own, when tracking your habits you're able to physically see what you are doing whether it be your eating habits, your health routine, how you spend your money, how you spend your overtime. You will know it because you will jot down everything there of what you did throughout the day. 

5. Your List In One Place
There are a lot of thoughts that runs through our minds on a daily basis. It can be overwhelming at times. Sometimes with these thoughts we get excited about them which it's nothing wrong with that. Businesses are formed through thoughts and visions.  Jot down all of your thoughts and prioritize them and see if they align with your goals. Everything else can be put on the waiting list. But at least your thoughts are down on paper so you can refer back to them when you have that time on your calendar available if it's important enough to you. 

6. It Becomes Your Accountability Partner
What do we have accountability partners for? We have them to keep us on track of our goals and to inspire us. Consider your BuJo as your accountability partner. It shows you your strengths and the areas where you need to work a bit harder on. You learn more about yourself and habits and how they align to your goals. Sometimes it lets you know that hey maybe you need to add a bit more vitamins to your diet for energy, or drink more water, or exercise to increase your metabolism and energy so I can be more productive. It's so good to be able to look back and track yourself, smiling because you are doing all of this on your own. You are keeping yourself accountable for every action you do day to day. 


Apr 23, 2018

Greyhound vs Megabus

I get asked tons of questions of riding Megabus & Greyhound and which one is better. I've ridden both and I'd say I'm pretty experienced with both buses. Please note my preference may be different from your preference but I this post is to give you the pros & cons of both and you can take that information yourself and figure out which one is best. 

I ride the bus transit quite often to Dallas because although I like driving I don't like long distance driving because it's draining and I easily fall asleep because I get bored sitting for long periods of time. I could fly but I've never flown anywhere in my life. I'm still trying to get over my fear and I just feel flying is just so much hassle when it comes to TSA and how you have to pack everything. So I always opt for the bus when traveling. I'm sure eventually I will have to fly but until then I'll stay on the bus. 

Being that I have used both travel sources there are slight differences that may help you decide which you want to go with. 

The price can fluctuate and at times Megabus pricing can match greyhoud prices but if you book 2 weeks in advanced or further the perks of Megabus is that you can get your tickets starting at $1. It depends on what date you purchase, the day of the week and the time. But for the most part Greyhound has always been higher in price. So here is just an example. 



I always choose Economy and try to leave around 7am-8am in the morning to assure that I make it to my destination early. Some things you should know about Greyhound tickets is there are different ticket options. 

    So although the economy extra and flexible are higher in price they have their perks. The Flexibility has the most flexibility because let's be real things can happen and you may need that flexibility to make changes. 

    Also keep this in mind that Greyhound has a $5 service fee. 


Megabus has a $2.50 service fee 

With Megabus like Greyhound you can researve your seats. Megabus has a double decker so you can reserve your seats upstairs and downstairs. I've never purchased anything other than an Economy on Greyhound but I have seen that people that are handicap or have children have priority to get on the Greyhound bus ahead I don't know if there are any other perks to that like having the ability to have the two seats for yourself. But since Megabus rolled in the reserved seats I have tried them a few times andI always reserved my seat at the table. The only time the reserved seat at the table would be beneficial is if no one is sitting across from you. It's very compact and personally feel its a waste of money. So next time I won't reserve my seat because if you're sitting next to the wrong person you are SCREWED! But as you can see when it comes to price MEGABUS WINS when it comes to price even with the reserved seat. 

Customer Service
Customer Service in all the years I've ridden both bus from the drivers to the have been relatively good. No major bad experience. I did have one experience this year where the Greyhound bus stopped on us on our way back from Dallas to Houston because it was an old bus that they shouldn't have even put out there. And it took a while for the management to make a decision if they were going to send a bus or have us taxi'd in. The driver was very kind and patient and handled everything professionally. She was very apologetic although it wasn't her fault. I blame the corporate on this one. I didn't like the way management handled everything. They were very slowful. And guess what? She had to stay on the bus and couldn't leave. It was late at night which I thought was irresponsible of Greyhound to put their employees in danger like that. And the traffic was HORRIBLE! Good thing we were in Houston and not on the outskirts. Other than that I haven't had any major issues. I've never experienced anyone getting left behind unless they didn't follow the requirements 

Through both Greyhound and Megabus, you are allowed one carry-on and one piece of luggage to be stored under the bus. Additional luggage is allowed, but only for an additional fee. Greyhound is much more controlling of their luggage. With Megabus, they don't have a system where they can weigh your luggage. You hand it in, they take it and you keep it moving. I've also had more than one carry on on the bus both Megabus & Greyhound. So you have a bit more leniency with Megabus.

Bus Quality
I think I've been in a new Greyhound once. The rest have been old which makes no sense to me. Update the buses PLEASE! Megabus is of course newer than Greyhound so that's a perk. Both Greyhound and Megabus both have WIFI but they both suck! None of them work and Megabus you have to download their app just to use the wifi. Which makes no logical sense. And they say you have to turn their wifi off to download their app to use their wifi. But if you don't have wifi how would you download their app??? Huh? Legroom is different. it's worse when people try to recline their seat which shouldn't be an option with the amount of space we have. The Megabus restrooms and the overall bus to me is cleaner than the Greyhound bus. I've never used the greyhound bus restroom but have been in it just to see it. I'd suggest if you do decide to use the stalls bring hand sanitizer and lysol to sanitize everything because there are some dirty people. Also the Megabus doesn't have storage for the carry-ons on the bus. Greyhound has it so that can be beneficial for someone. I personally never liked putting my items over my head. I like having access to it instantly. Mega bus does have outlets that you can charge your electronics on. I've experienced many times on the Greyhound where they didn't have outlets, or if they had outlets it was not in every section of the bus or the outlets just don't work. So I've always prepared myself bringing a external charger.

Ride Quality
In the past I felt the quality of riders in the greyhound was different than the riders on Megabus. And it was at one point where the riders on Megabus were better than the riders on Greyhound but now I'd say its both equal. Many times you will have loud riders even after the bus driver announcing don't play loud music, don't talk loud on the phone be respectful and people still do it. Then you have the screaming babies.  So I always bring my  ear phones and lavendar because I have had to tell people to quiet down before. (KANYE SHRUG) But I don't want to be that one doing that all the time. 

It vary's city to city which you would have to do that research on your own. I know for a fact that all greyhounds have a station which is the perk because you're protected from the elements and you have a place to sit. But the areas in Houston & Dallas is sketchy. And surrounded by homeless people in the area. has it's perks if you don't like standing outside. Houston Greyhound is larger than Dallas greyhound and another perk is Greyhound has a eating area, with vending machines and an atm. Megabus on Pierce street a couple of years ago got a little trailer building that has restrooms which is great but unfortunately we still have to stand outside which I don't have much of an issue with until its cold or raining. I think with all the money Megabus have they should have something similar to a carport. Maybe a walk-way cover. That would be great. But still I'd take Megabus over Greyhound because greyhound literally stinks. 

The difference between Megabus & Greyhound Itinerary is the speed. Megabus is a straight trip. So if you are a person that like to get from point A to point B with no stops than Megabus is it. Greyhound you will have about 1-2 stops depending on what time slot you select which means more time on the bus which I don't like when I'm surrounded by strangers. Now I've had one moment when a megabus driver decided to make a stop. It's basically up to them because sometimes they have to make a stop because you have to think about it this way they are driving back and forth and don't get breaks the way we think they would. But those moments are very rare. So I always choose the express ride on Megabus because it's the quickest ride. 

My Verdict
Both Megabus and Greyhound are similar in many ways. I personally enjoy the megabus far better and also know that you can get tickets starting at $1 which is a perk for me. I do suggest that you visit  each website to weight the options yourself and maybe give both a try just to see which one you prefer because honestly you will never know until you ride it yourself.  

Apr 6, 2018

The Loreal Beauty Event | Recap

I recently had the pleasure of teaming up with Loreal Professional as their Beauty Expert for 2 weeks inside HEB to celebrate the launch of two beauty items.... Their Colour Riche Shine Lipstick and they're Voluminous X Fiber Mascara.  And what an amazing experience! I rarely get the opportunity to share my experience because I'm normally working and it's really hard for me to capture the experience as I'm working but I managed to get a few photos Along the way. 

HEB OFF Katy Freeway
HEB on San Felipe & Fountainview

So a little about the products that I was promoting that day the main feature of the event was the Demo of the Colour Riche Shine Lipsticks. 

These Lipsticks are very intense in pigment and has a radiant shine. What makes them unique is although they have a lacquered glossy finish it does not leave your lips feeling sticky. In fact it almost feels like you have nothing on because this lipstick contains 60% more oils than the traditional lipstick. It feels more like a lip conditioner than a lipstick. Also they are ridiculously creamy which explains how they feel on the lips. 

This lipstick is available in 16 luminous, high definition shades.

Can you see how pigmented these shades are??!!! Beautiful shade on her complexion also.

  • Apply Starting at the center of the upper lip.
  • Work from the center to the outer edges of lips, following the contour of the mouth.
  • Finish by gliding across the entire bottom lip.



Step 1: Black Primer

Step 2: Fiber Mascara

The X Fiber mascara is a two-step mascara with 20X more fibers for lengthening + volume. This mascara includes a black primer to build intense volume and color and a mascara infused with fibers to lengthen the lashes. This mascara is smudge-proof, water proof and is available in 4 shades. 

  • Start by applying the Black Primer. Be sure you coat every lash
  • Before the primer dries, apply the fiber-rich mascara on top of the primed lashes to create an extreme lash fringe effect
  • Repeat on other eye.
  • Removes easily with cleanser formulated for the skin and water. 

So here is a clear Before and After of my barely there lashes. And here is an after of how my lashes look after doing the two step system. This is only one brush through. I did not go over my lashes again. In fact I hate doing that because I already have short curly lashes and I feel when going back over the lashes with waterproof mascara or any mascara it makes them clumpy and spider legs looking.  This is not my top fave mascara at all. I wish I could separate them a bit more but this is not bad. And the fact that black primer exist now in drug store mascaras is amazing because I feel that white primers always changes the effect of black mascaras and never understood why anyone would create a white primer mascara base. 

Here are some more photos to enjoy!

Check out them rustic brows...

I'd like to thank HEB for having me and for being so pleasant. But I would specifically like to thank Kristen from the HEB location on San Felipe. She is the beauty advisor there and she helped me so much even though she was busy and all over the place because she is a true multi-tasker. If you're ever at that location ask for her and tell her Faith the Beauty Expert that worked the Loreal event sent you.

DevaCurl Pre-Cleanse Detangler A Wonder Or A Ponder For 4C Hair??

DevaCurl Pre-Cleanse Detangler...Is it a Wonder or A Ponder for 4C Type Hair???That's the question and I'm going to answer that for you after the commercial break....

THEME SONG PLAYS... "dah dah dah dah dahhhhhh dooo dooo dooo dahhh DAH!"

*I received this product complimentary from Influenster in exchange for my honest thoughts.

"Wash Day Wonder has you—and your curls—covered. If you have tangles, knots or matted curls, this silky, lightweight pre-cleanse detangler will help you sail through your No-Poo and One Condition routine with ease! The end result is soft detangled curls. Suitable for all curl types." - www.devacurl.com

These are their exact words. Not mines. I just wanted to put that out there so when I share my experience you will be able to refer back to that.

What Does This Product Do???

The Wash Day Wonder Pre-Cleanse treatment is suppose to make the detangling process a breeze. It is formulated to instantly give slip & shine while reducing breakage.

Key Ingredients

  • Saffron flower extract increases suppleness and shine
  • Pracaxi oil adds slip and provides silkiness to hair
  • A natural sugar-based technology strengthens hair to resist breakage

How To Use It???

  • Detangle: BEFORE cleansing, smooth onto soaking wet curls in sections, ensuring the product is saturated throughout. Use your fingers to gently detangle. Gentle enough to use for every wash!
  • Cleanse: Wash out with a sulfate-free cleanser, ensuring the product is completely removed.
  • Seal in Moisture: Be sure to follow with One Condition or a treatment mask to seal in moisture.


This part is very important because the ingredients is what makes up the product. And knowing about the ingredient helps so we'll know what to look for and the benefits of each ingredient. Many brands can make certain claims and its important to always be educated and do your research. This section is only for educational purposes. 

Water (Aqua, Eau), Glycerin, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Pentaclethra Macroloba Seed Oil, Crocus Sativus Flower Extract, Chenopodium Quinoa Seed, Melissa Officinalis Extract, Humulus Lupulus (Hops) Extract, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract, Achillea Millefolium Extract, Allantoin, Betaine, Hydroxyethyl Urea, Hydroxypropylgluconamide, Hydroxypropylammonium Gluconate, Lactic Acid, Polyquaternium-37, Capryl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol,

Water (Aqua, Eau) is a solvent that's capable of dissolving other ingredients that would otherwise be difficult to incorporate into the desired cosmetic.

Glycerin is an humectant meaning that it attracts moisture to itself. So glycerin has the capability to attract moisture to the hair and ultimately improves the moisture retention for the hair. Glycerin along with other humectants are widely popular in many products ridding you from dry hair.

PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil is derivatives of hydrogenated castor oil, and is an amber colored, slightly viscous liquid that has a naturally mildly fatty odor. So it's main purpose is to keep products from separating into oil and water components. It's a thickener Is it considered natural?...That's up in the air. Further research says just because it says it's "castor oil" doesn't make it natural. PEGS are synthetic petrochemicals. It's all in how it's processed and this castor oil has been thickened by hydrogenation, then processed with polyethylene glycol which is not considered "natural". And the number represents the molecular size. The lower the number, the smaller the molecular size of the PEG. When the molecules are small, the greater ability it has to deliver undersirable ingredients into the skin and scalp. Which can become toxic....

Pentaclethra Macroloba Seed Oil also known as Pracaxi Seed Oil, is an oil derived from the fruit seeds of the Pentaclethra Macroloba tree, a canopy tree native to the northern neotropics. A natural hair conditioning agent, this oil is rich in oleic, linoleic, and bebenic acid. The ingredient has long been used by Amazonian populations for medicinal purposes. Today it is commonly used in natural conditioners as a replacement for synthetic conditioning ingredients.

So now that we got the technical information out of the way let's get to my 

I was able to try this product two times. The first times was a FLOP! When I initially was doing research on this product and how to use it I notice that everyone that was reviewing this product or doing tutorials or was advertised were women who had a different hair textures from mines. They had 2C/3C type hair or even 4A & B type hair. And I wanted to see someone who had hair type like myself. 


I have very tight coily hair and in this photo above my hair was so tangled, and matted up along with dirty so I was hoping that this product would do the trick and help in the detangling process. So I followed the directions. I wet my hair. and tried to go through sections of my hair hoping that it would dissolve the tangles. There was a slight slip but I was very disappointed. I spent more time in the shower trying to detangle my hair and even after conditioning I still had to detangle my hair. Also the texture of my hair was very odd. I was not pleased at all. 

I had to lather my hair with tons of hair butters and hair oils to detangle my hair some more and make the texture better and bantu knot it so it wouldn't knot up again. 

Then I decided to give it another try because it's not a review unless I try it again and use another technique. So the second time around I had my hair in twists from the last time I washed my hair which was basically when I tried this product the first time. So I figured with my hair being in sections it will make the detangling process easier. I also applied it on dry hair instead of wetting my hair.

In my opinion the product worked so much better with my hair being sectioned off. Now Because my hair was already in twists it wasn't much to detangled if anything to detangle. I felt like I did most of the work already. I did kind of notice the slip more because my hair was dry and not wet but it wasn't anything remarkable. I still felt like I spent more time in the shower than I should have. It wasn't as bad as the first time because I took a different approach but overall for me I'm not sold. And still the texture of my hair was very odd. Which I'm not use to my hair feeling wirery textured. Now maybe this works better on twa (teeny weeny fro) hair because you have a bit more control and not as much hair. 

I don't hate the product I just think it's just not for me. I'd prefer pre-conditioning my hair and just being done with it. 

I will say that products work differently on everyone and just because it didnt' work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you. 

If you are interested in trying out this product you can find them inside Sephora

Mar 26, 2018

ELF Cosmetics X Christian Siriano Collection Review

* Affiliate Links Used. All products purchased by me

Elf Cosmetics is known for their affordable products and are easily accessible to women and men around the globe. They can be found in places like Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, HEB and more. I particularly love how Elf has evolved over the last couple of years with the makeup and skincare line. I'm really impressed. They've become one of the most sought after affordable brands. They've really done a great job at reinventing themselves! They have teamed up with so many influencers and have been a part of the biggest fashion show we know which is NYFW. In fact word on the net they sponsored Project Runway Alum Christian Siriano for New York Fashion Week right after the collaboration of his collection with them! Pretty amazing. We all know that Christian Siriano has unique taste and style and it obviously reflects on this beautifully flashy packaging.


Now I've been out of the loop on collaborations and newest beauty collections so when I decided to go into Target a few weeks ago I was not expecting to run into this collection. I can't remember exactly what I went in Target for but I always find myself in the beauty section. So I happen to walk along the end caps of the shelves and ran across this collection that was inspired by his bright, bold and colorful Spring 2018 Collection and I was thrown for the loop. Now I'm a sucker for packaging! Even if the product suck I will buy it just to place on my vanity. Well that part ain't all true but I think being that this packaging was strikingly beautiful and  it seem like it would be worth the shot in trying I took the plunge because I felt anything with Christian Siriano's name on it got to be top notch.

This collection contains 4 fabulous looking items:


Retail Price: $8.00 
Bright and beautiful, this bag inspired by Christian Siriano's Spring 2018 collection is triangular in shape to hold all your beauty essentials.  It can fit your makeup essentials, and can also double as a clutch. This cosmetic bag/clutch is 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free
Retail price: $12.00

Like a bouquet of flowers, this palette is a mix of bold and subtle colors with different textures. Have fun experimenting and creating your own style!

Retail price: $6.00
This is the perfect gloss for a fresh, polished look. pair it with a dramatic eye or keep it soft and subtle you can't go wrong.
- christian siriano

Infused with jojoba, apricot, and vitamin e to nourish and hydrate your lips with each application.

retail price: $6.00
I love a bright lip, and this color adds instant drama to any look! it's bold yet wearable just like my collections.
- christian siriano
Enriched with vitamin e to help nourish and condition the lips. the slim, diamond

Enriched with Vitamin E to help nourish and condition the lips. The slim, diamond shaped applicator gives you flawless application in just one stroke.

Created this look with no base. Just used the eyeshadows And the Christian Siriano Tinted Lip Oil.

My personal thoughts on this palette...I think considering that this palette is from ELF it's decent and workable. It does have a bit of a chalky texture some chalkier than others but it's workable if you know what you are doing. It's important to know that when swatching with the finger you're always going to get a stronger pigmentation than with brushes because of the oils from the fingers acts as a binding base. Below I share swatches with my fingers. 
Not bad right? So many times applying the eyeshadow with your fingers work well because you pull up the pigmentation of the colors. . You may notice that some of the shadows are patchy. The matte shades are a bit more chalkier in texture than the shimmers but it's not much of a shocker. I think its a bit expected with this palette. I think this is a pretty decent finger swatch for this palette.

Now although this palette comes with a brush applicator I used a flat synthetic fiber brush to swatch these shades. Synthetic brushes tends to hold the pigment better than natural hair fiber brushes because they don't soak up the product. So the technique would be to press the product into the skin and blend out the edges where it's needed. 

Another tip is to use a tacky base underneath to hold the pigment. ELF has some pretty dope base colors that you can use in compliment to this palette. 


They also have the...



These base will add intensity to the shadows and also texture that the shadow can bind to. 

 The Matte Lip Stick is very pigmented and I love the diamond shaped applicator which I feel is needed for this lipstick because not only does it gives more of an even coverage on the lips but it makes the application process easier.  What I didn't care for is the color on me. That's just personal preference. Keep in mind that texture on the lips can effect the way the product applies. So you may want to prep your lips if you have a bit more texture on it. And on myself it did start to lift in the inner parts of the mouth which makes me uncomfortable. I may have a different story if I use a lip primer underneath.

The Lip Tint Oil has a standard doe foot applicator which I would have preferred the Diamond Shape Applicator because I like how it applies better but that's just personal preference. This is perfect for dramatic looks and for the spring and summer, This is probably my fav from the collection.

Overall I think this collection is strikingly beautiful which is the main reason I bought it. And I think because it's almost like a limited edition it explains the price. I think as for quality The collection look very expensive which could also explain why the price may be higher than most ELF products. I think that the products are decent enough to give it a try. If you are new to makeup I'd definitely suggest getting the base that I suggested to pair with the shadow. If you don't see it inside Target it is available on Target Online. Check your local Target.



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