Jan 5, 2018

How To Style Your Bedside Table

Bed side tables are the most used and sometimes abused furniture piece in the house. This surface is where you will find snacks, water, your keys, your phone, books, jewelry, bill statements medicine... You name it, it's probably there. I believe that everything should have a place. When I was growing up I was used to seeing clutter. My home wasn't messy it's just every square inch of wall space was taken up by some furniture piece which to me gave a cluttered feel.  Every surface was used and claimed ESPECIALLY the end tables and Bedside tables. There were things there that shouldn't be there. I believe our homes are sacred and it should a place where we can come and relax. Clutter makes it hard to relax. Even when you sleep you still feel tired. 

I'm going to share with you how to style your bedside table like a pro and make it functional for your needs but stylish at the same time. 


Every bedside table need some form of light source. Something that can provide adequate lighting to be able to see.  I like to add a variation of height when styling my bedside table. Most times my lamps is the tallest item on my bedside table.. You can find very affordable lamps in many places. I picked mines up from Ross Dress For Less. Ross is one of my favorite places to shop for affordable and stylish furniture, decor and more. This tall lamp was only $18 which is an amazing price point for a lamp of this size and style. I also got a additional discount on it because the switch was broken. Something I could fix. So if you see any malfunctions always ask for an additional discount. I guarantee you they will honor it unless it's marked down for clearance. Most times if the markdown is 50-60% they may not honor another discount but it doesn't hurt to ask. If you have a small table opt for a sconce so you can maximize the space to accessorize your table. 

I'm not much of a reader like that but I won't deny I like to look at books. And for the most part most of us are reading something. Or maybe you don't read often you may write. Either way books are a great way to style your bedside table and add texture, style and height. It's also a great stationary. When styling your table with books. you want to be careful with how you style it according to the proportion of your table. You don't want to soak up your whole table with books. You want to be able to add a bit more accessories. Books are also great to add accessories on top of as I did in photo below. It serves as a shelf. You can purchase nice decorative books from places like Five Below, Dollar Tree, Family Dollars, 99 Cents Store Only. Those are place I like to shop for small nick nacks, 

Faux Flowers, Vase, ornaments inside vase and owl from 99 Cents Only Store

It's no mystery that I love flowers and I love to make floral arrangements.  I believe flowers add life to the space and texture. And I think it's important to incorporate some natural element when styling your bedside table even if it's not real. Because my space is dark and I don't get much sunlight I opt for synthetic flowers. But there are low maintenance natural elements like succulents that doesn't require a lot of light and water. Still I opt for synthetic plants because I like to have control. I like to shop at Dollar Tree & the 99 Cents Only for my vases, and flowers. They most times come in clusters so I like to customize and cut the stems to make it more organic looking. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Also when I use to work for Krogers I use to buy fresh flowers when they were clearanced off. So be sure to check out the deals that's available for you. 

Candles are something that's a must for me. I have them all over my space. It's a great small item that adds another natural element to your bedside table. I love how it makes my table looks, I love how it smells, and love how it makes me feel. I don't know anyone that doesn't like candles. Candles are a great way to meditate. It has a calming effect because of its kinetic energy that it sends through it's motions. Candles in my opinion is essential to have in your space on your bedside table. I purchase many of my candles from Ross. 

Bedside table at Ross for $35 | Owl I got from 99 Cents Only Store

Small items can be jewelry bowls, it may be candles for you, it may be something that you truly love. I think it's important to have something that represents your style that's small and can fit in the palm of your hands. I love owls. Anybody that's been friends with me or have been keeping up with me probably will know that. I have them all over my space. I wear them as jewelry, I have coffee mugs with owls, I have floral owl vases, so it's only right to have a owl on my bedside Since it's a great part of my style. Owls are very symbolic to me and I want go into what they represent. I think it's important to have something that you love and represents your style on your bedside table. I love flowers, I love candles and I love owls. 

What are some things that you must have on your bedside table?

Jan 2, 2018

The Perfect Gourmet Chili For The Winter Season

I know this may sound weird but I love the winter season but I don't like to be cold but I feel winter is not winter if it's not cold. I don't mind the cold air as long as I don't really have to come out in it and I can stay snuggled up under the fireplace. Does that make sense? No ok lol.
When I think of Winter I think of things like hot cocoa, hot ginger tea, wassail, gumbo, and chili! Today I'm sharing with you how to turn ordinary chili into something with loads of flavor, and loads of color. So sit back, get cozy by your fireplace in your favorite pajamas because I am about to show you how to make the best gourmet chili that will make you kick yourself.

 I make chili all year round but for some reason chili taste better in the fall/winter. The heat flavor or chili and warmth that you get from eating it is just perfect. But it's even the more perfect gourmet style.  I just can not explain the flavors. The best way for you to know is to try out my recipe. Now I'm not going to share how I make my chili. That just wouldn't be right lol.  But I will show you how to turn any ordinary chili whether its can chili or homemade into a gourmet style chili with a abundance of flavor. 

When I blend flavors I blend it base on my taste buds and how I feel. It's like painting to me. Painting is a feeling. So I can't measure it.  There is this chili surprise that my pastor makes that includes cornbread, mexican corn, mexican cheese and of course her chili. Y'all it is AHHHMAZING! Well this was kind of inspired by her chili except I removed the cornbread and I did my own spinoff of it. Now let me tell you something about myself. I don't measure my ingredients. I cook based on feeling. I eyeball everything.  And sometimes I base the amount of ingredients on how I want to present it in front of someone. Anyone that knows me knows that and it has not failed me yet. So don't expect any measurements in this post. 

The Key Ingredients that you will need to transform any ordinary chili to chili with loads of color, loads of flavor and loads presentation is...

Mexican Corn 
Mexican Cheese
Feta Cheese

And this is optional... (Add Rice) But honestly you don't really need it because the corn is your starch so you have your protein, your starch and you have your nutrients from the avocado which is rich in fatty acids. And Garlic helps to lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.

That's it! It's pretty simple. I guarantee you will love it! But If you happen to try this method let me know what you think.

Dec 13, 2017

Budget Dupes For Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

This post features products sent for consideration and products purchased with my own money and may contain affiliate links. Purchasing through affiliate links helps to support this website.

Let's be real, the eyeshadow palette that generated the most buzz  and uproar this year was obviously the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette. Can we agree with that? Many had high hopes for this palette because of the success of the sister palette Modern Renaissance. The bold, extremely pigmented, unique colors of this palette had people shaking in their Louboutin's . However there were a lot of mix reviews some being highly disappointed and some loving the palette. The issue some found with the palette is the amount of kick back and fall out that this palette gave them. But what I noticed were people were swirling really hard into the palette like there was no tomorrow and when you're dealing with a palette that's as pigmented as this palette you want to always tap just to see how much coverage you get. Yes you will get kick back some palettes more then others but there is no reason to dig into a palette like many were doing unless it's hard press which the only way to find out is to test it with a slight dab or even a slight swirl to see how much product you pick up. It's better to start with a small dab and work your way up then going all in. Of course it's going to hit pan fast. One brush tap of this palette can easily cover the whole lid space. 

Photo Credit: BeautyPalmira.de

 Also some felt that the color were blending into a pile of mud as they call it. Well that would happen if you didn't have the basic knowledge of color theory. Because these shades are unique and when you're blending example greenish tones into a brick red remember these shades are on the opposite side of the color wheel so that means they will cancel out each other which also means when a shade cancels out another shade it neutralizes itself turning into a brownish tone. So this knowledge is important. Its all about technique and basic knowledge of how to place your colors. I know people were saying palettes shouldn't be this complicated and shouldn't have to be schooled to use a palette. Which may be true in some sense but I could say we shouldn't be so basic. But that's definitely my opinion. I believe makeup is something that is trial and error. You learn about formulations, new techniques that work for you. We learn how to work with certain products by testing the product. This requires practice and skill which makes us artists when we learn to master how to use a product. Technique over time can be learned. Honestly I thought that this palette should have been released to the pro artists because I feel that it would have been received better. In no way am I discrediting anyone however every palette is different, it's packed differently and it was released to the consumer base. Which a lot of consumers base their thoughts on what "influencers" say and there were a lot of influencers that didn't know how to work the palette. Just because you can paint you face well doesn't mean that you're great at everything.  If you don't know how to work with pigments then you won't know how to work with this palette because that's basically what it is. It requires some technique and level of skill and knowledge of color to be able to know what works best and how to blend everything. And sometimes realizing that simplicity is sometimes better with certain palettes and this is one of those palettes that you don't have to overthink necessarily. I have seen some complicated looks and seen how those artist managed to pull off those beautiful compositions so it can definitely be done. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Rija ( IG: @rija_imran)
This could have easily turned into a pile of mud in the crease but she managed to pull this bold emerald green look off well.

PHOTO CREDIT: Rija ( IG: @rija_imran) 

And sometimes it's just truly testing the product out and challenging yourself beyond the norm. If what you were doing wasn't working then try another technique this is how artist grow.  I do realize that there will be people that just don't like the palette for them and they may need something that's less complicated and and not as time consuming. All and all I think this is all about "preference" and less about the performance of the palette.

Now this palette is not perfect. It has its hits and misses but overall I love the palette and I would definitely purchase it again. I got it for a discounted price of $33 at The Makeup Show Dallas but I would definitely purchase at it's full retail price of $45. In the mean time I so  happen to stumble across a dupe palette that house some similar shades that's not only budget friendly but user friendly and are pretty pigmented. As I said this is not something I was looking for because I don't just go around looking for dupes. But because of the uproar it did make me pay a bit more attention to the options that's available. 

As mentioned there are shades in the NYX Earth palette with the naked eye you could compare to the ABH Subculture palette. However a couple of the shades that were swatched look different which you will see in the swatch photos.  

(ABH "Dawn" / NYX "#1") *Excuse Typo in photo. #2 is suppose to be #1 in this photo
Dawn & #1 are somewhat similar. Still a beige tone accept dawn has a bit more peachy tones to it. When it comes to texture. Both Dawn & #1 has a velvety silky texture but they blend out differently. #1 is definitely blends more with ease because of the texture. But it has the same amount of impact when it comes to pigment. Another thing I notice with these two particular shades is the texture of the skin. Dawn has a smoother texture and tends to camouflage texture on the skin better. So Dawn almost glides over the skin like veil and #1 kind of settles into the texture of the skin which is not necessarily a good or bad thing.

( ABH "ALL STAR" / NYX #2)

All Star & #2 are almost identical #2 has more depth to it and a bit more red tones. When blended out you definitely see a small difference in tones but it's not that much of a huge difference. In terms of texture it's obvious that "All Star" has more of a smoother airbrush texture and the texture of course is different from All Star but side by side and if used in a look you wouldn't be able to tell that they are different. #2 has more of a powdery texture and you're able to blend it out with more ease. Although very pigmented you may have to build the pigment as you blend out because of the almost powdery texture.


So this is a good example of what I mentioned before of shades looking similar with the naked eye but when swatched it look totally different with contact of the skin. Mercury has more of a greyish olive tone and #3 is a brownish taupe color which is more true to what you see in the palette. 

( ABH "AXIS & UNTAMED" / NYX "#4")

I definitely think that these are some pretty accurate dupes. For The Subculture Palette I had to blend two shades to get a shade almost similar to #4. You can obviously see a texture/finish difference in the eyeshadow. Subculture blends a lot more smoothly. But #4 doesn't require that much effort. And side by side if blended you will get a similar tone. 

( ABH "ROXY" / NYX "#8")

The tones in Roxy compared to #8 is different. #8 has more reddish tones, while Roxy is more of a true orange. But it's not so far stretch that you couldn't create a somewhat duplicate look with it.  

( ABH "DESTINY" / NYX "#10")

Destiny & # 10 look similar with the naked eye but now we have it where #10 swatches differently on the skin. When you look at #10 it looks completely matte. But it definitely has some sheen to it. 

All in all the NYX Earth palette can serve as an alternative for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette somewhat because of the warm muted shades it delivers that's similar to the Subculture palette.   I believe that the NYX Earth palette is definitely a lot more user friendly and doesn't require much effort in applying the shades. It has impact but you have to build the impact to the level of the Subculture Palette. I love both for different reasons.  The NYX palette will never be the Subculture palette because what makes the subculture palette what it is, are the bold yellow tones and the deep purplelish brown and the duo-chromes but this can definitely serve as an alternative. 

If you want something totally similar to the Subculture Palette Here are some other options you may want to check out that got some decent reviews. 

And here is a palette that look TOTALLY IDENTICAL to the Subculture Palette. 

Bad Habit is a beauty brand similar to Makeup Revelution that create affordable palettes that look insanely similar to popular, more expensive palettes from  brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills & Huda Beauty. So about this palette...  It is called the Retro Love Palette and I hear that it is very pigmented. I haven't had the opportunity to test out this palette for myself but I hear it is pigmented and has staying power  however it still doesn't compare to Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette which explains the price tag. You're paying for the quality of the formulas which many times are hard to replicate. But anyway the palette is only $10. So if you want to give it a try let me know your thoughts. I may even give it a try.  

Also check out Makeup Geek single eyeshadows. This blogger did an amazing job with finding dupes for this palette. Most were by Makeup Geek >>> https://ourbeautycult.com/2017/08/11/anastasia-beverly-hills-subculture-palette-dupes/

Nov 13, 2017

My Everyday Makeup Favorites

This post features products sent for consideration and products purchased with my own money and may contain affiliate links. Purchasing through affiliate links helps to support this website.

As a beauty blogger I try a lot of makeup, many are sent to me and many are purchased with my own money. Despite the amount of products I may have or get, the fact of the matter is you won't reach for everything or like everything that you have. There are those products that you will reach for almost daily. Today I am sharing my everyday favorites. Now I don't wear makeup everyday but when I do I guarantee you that I'm reaching for these items all the time. Sometimes I switch it up but these are my go to's that I think you should check out. 

(0)  Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Cover - Vision Cream Cover is one of Danessa Myricks newest complexion foundations that serves as both a foundation & concealer. This foundation covers all forms of hyper-pigmentation, un even discoloration while still appearing as skin. 

(1)  Tarte Clay Stick - Most times when we think about cream foundations we think of something being oily, cakey and thick. Which often times clog the pores and cause problematic skin. But this vegan, hypoallergic clay stick foundation is the total opposite.  it is enriched with antioxidant vitamins C, E & Amazonian clay. Yes it is full coverage powder to liquid foundation melts into the skin that transforms with the skin type. It is truly a 12-hour full & creamy coverage foundation that is good for your skin. 

(2)  Clarins Pore Perfecting Mattifying Kit - If you desire flawless skin in an instant than here it is in this compact. A 2-step system that house a lightweight translucent powder and blotting paper (refills are available). This translucent powder blur large pores and imperfections of the skin. It has plant extracts and mattifying white clay that will keep you fresh, matte and shine free. Perfect for all skin types normal to oily skin. 

(3)  Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder  - We all know about the original loose setting powder that is in the kits of many artists today. We loved it and couldn't live without it. But when Laura Mercier developed a powder that was women of color friendly they stepped it up. I have many translucent powders but this one I reach for the most. I love to use this to set all over and brighten under my eyes What I love about this is it has a light coverage to it so you could possibly rock this alone.

(4) Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder  - This loose finishing powder is farely new to the Fit Me collection. I ran upon it inside Walmart when it first launched months ago and decided to give it a try because I was a bit excited to see a drug store finishing powder for women of color from Maybelline. These powders come in 8 shades and I have the deepest shade which is #40 which I like to use in the lower parts of my face. It does have a hint of color to it. This powder is finely milled and has a silky smooth finish to it giving you that airbrushed skin finished. It has warm tones to it so you definitely want to consider that when it comes to your complexion. Overall this is a great powder to substitute for the Laura Mercier. 

(5)  Jay Manuel Beauty 3D Illuminator - This pressed highlighter has a light-reflective filter finish that can be used as a highlighter or for a soft focus radiant glow all over the face. This Illuminator is formulated with Diamond Dust and Crushed Gemstones for light-reflective luster and a filter finished illusion. It has Vitamin E, and blends effortlessly. My favorite shade is Paparazzi which is perfect for deeply hued skin tones. They come in three natural shades that compliment all skin tones an skin types. 

(6)  NYX In You Elements Eye Palette (Earth) - This palette is one of those palettes you can wear all season. They house both matte and shimmer finish which makes this palette very wearable. The pigmentation is definitely decent. It's one of those palettes that you can build on the pigmentation. The shades reminds me  of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette accept its a lot more wearable then the Subculture palette and the pigmentation is not as remarkable as the Subculture but it is an affordable alternative. 

(7)  Pixi By Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm - This Shea Butter Lip Balm is enriched with emollients that relieve dry and chapped lips while leaving a vibrant burst of sheer color which is perfect for this fall season. Pixi by Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm is rich with Shea Butter, omega fatty acids that promotes firmness and elasticity and vitamin e to smooth and soften the lips. 
(8)  NYX Professional HD Blush (Electric) -  A little goes a long way with this blush. It's highly pigmented So you want to use a light hand because you can easily go over board. This blush is a flat matte with no shimmers, no glitter which makes it HD. You get a generous amount of product which is amazing for the price point. If you like a hot pink you will like this. It definitely takes a bold person to rock such a bold color. I think this shade is flattering on all skin tones but it looks a lot more flattering on deeply hued women. 

(9)  The Estee Edit Up & Out Double Mascara - A double ended brush that offers length, definition and volume.  The large end of the wand add subtle length and tons of volume to the lashes without clumping. The smaller end has very small defined bristles to separate, define and sculpt the lashes. Giving you that drama that your desire. What I also love about this mascara is although it's not a waterproof formula it is definitely long wearing and requires a good eye makeup remover to remove all of the residue. 


Sep 28, 2017

faithhaller.com Is Going Fully Digital!

This weekend has been pretty busy. I was in Dallas for The Makeup Show as the blogger & Brand Ambassador of the show. I have a lot of information to share. But first I'm so excited to share some incredible news... faithhaller.com is going digital. 

What does this mean exactly and Why Am I Doing This?  

This wasn't a hard decision to make because it mimics my overall business model, and goal. Over the years I have been a heavy networker which is partially why i have some connections. However as someone who worked in the printing graphics marketing industry for years I know the importance of evolving with the times. I know the importance of being seen and promotion. I know without self promotion you're basically non-existent. Now don't get me wrong. When we talk about Traditional Cards Vs. Digital Cards. Traditional card will always exist! And I'm not saying that I won't use traditional cards because as someone who works in the beauty & fashion industry as a Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger I will still want them when working with some brands or for other reasons. But I'm mostly digital base because my overall goal is to be an internet based company, which for the most part doesn't require me to have a traditional business cards. Also it's important to know your target market so you'll know who is worthy of having your business or social card. We're not meant to network with everyone and it's ok to be picky. Everyone doesn't need my phone number but I'm ok with airdropping my social card to you or emailing it to you.  So if you are mainly an online business where your structure is online base, you network only online then having a digital card may be something that you would opt for right? Why pay for traditional cards if you don't network outside of social media? 

Another reason I decided to go digital is because it's easy for me to design for other people but when it comes to me it's not as easy because I'm always inside of my head a lot. My brand changes so much to constantly buy 1000 business cards or more every time my brand changes is just over the top to me and is not business smart. So going digital is the best way for me because it makes logical sense for my business.

Networking is one of those things if done right it can be fully beneficial for you but I will be the first to tell you it can become draining and consume a lot of time. I was the one that was going to every networking event with my business cards excited to get to know more people. I wanted to network with EVERYONE! Which was great at that time. I also build a social presence which a bulk of my relationships were built online because many of the people that I have great connections with I have never met. But over the time I realized that I needed to be selective on who I devote my time to. Because it really becomes draining when you are networking with no goal in mind. Who are you networking with, Why, and how are they beneficial to your growth. These are things that I asked myself a couple years ago

I KNOW, I KNOW! You probably asking what does this have to do with going digital? It has everything to do with it. When I gained clarity of what I wanted and who I wanted to network with it and how? Basically my why, it gave me focus. 2 Years ago I decided I was not going to go to every networking event just because it's there. I was not going to take on every opportunity just because it's there. I wasn't going to consume my time just because someone say they want to network with me. I decided that I wasn't going to devote time to someone or something that is not going to benefit my growth. Time is important! Time we can not get back! So I refuse to waste my time. So fast forward to 2 weeks I was talking to my mentor who was my previous boss. I worked for his company for years in the Printing, Graphics Marketing & Communication business. So I'm pretty knowledgeable about that industry. I told him I wanted to print out some business cards. I knew how long it took for the business cards to get to me. But as time progress the days went on I was still designing my card. I went through several design concepts which normally takes me 30 minutes at the most to design a two-sided card but for me it was different because I was rebranding everything. I wanted it to be perfect before I spend my money on 1000 cards. Imagine if I printed out the cards and I didn't like them? Now fast forward to today. I gained some major clarity and asked myself this question...

What are your goals Faith??? 
Do you really need physical business cards at this time? 
What if you went digital? 

Going digital & global is not only smart for business but...
  • It Saves You Time
  • It Saves You Money
  • Your branded is no longer dated
  • You can reach a larger audience
  • No need to go out to network unless you really want to. 
But also know that to go digital you must be intentional with your goals and have a set plan so everything can run smoothly in the process. Because it's worse to go through this process and not know what, how and when to go through this process. 

Once you have a plan of how you will go through the process of using the digital card it will make it easier for you. 

What are your thoughts on digital cards? Do you see your business going digital?


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