Sep 28, 2017 Is Going Fully Digital!

This weekend has been pretty busy. I was in Dallas for The Makeup Show as the blogger & Brand Ambassador of the show. I have a lot of information to share. But first I'm so excited to share some incredible news... is going digital. 

What does this mean exactly and Why Am I Doing This?  

This wasn't a hard decision to make because it mimics my overall business model, and goal. Over the years I have been a heavy networker which is partially why i have some connections. However as someone who worked in the printing graphics marketing industry for years I know the importance of evolving with the times. I know the importance of being seen and promotion. I know without self promotion you're basically non-existent. Now don't get me wrong. When we talk about Traditional Cards Vs. Digital Cards. Traditional card will always exist! And I'm not saying that I won't use traditional cards because as someone who works in the beauty & fashion industry as a Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger I will still want them when working with some brands or for other reasons. But I'm mostly digital base because my overall goal is to be an internet based company, which for the most part doesn't require me to have a traditional business cards. Also it's important to know your target market so you'll know who is worthy of having your business or social card. We're not meant to network with everyone and it's ok to be picky. Everyone doesn't need my phone number but I'm ok with airdropping my social card to you or emailing it to you.  So if you are mainly an online business where your structure is online base, you network only online then having a digital card may be something that you would opt for right? Why pay for traditional cards if you don't network outside of social media? 

Another reason I decided to go digital is because it's easy for me to design for other people but when it comes to me it's not as easy because I'm always inside of my head a lot. My brand changes so much to constantly buy 1000 business cards or more every time my brand changes is just over the top to me and is not business smart. So going digital is the best way for me because it makes logical sense for my business.

Networking is one of those things if done right it can be fully beneficial for you but I will be the first to tell you it can become draining and consume a lot of time. I was the one that was going to every networking event with my business cards excited to get to know more people. I wanted to network with EVERYONE! Which was great at that time. I also build a social presence which a bulk of my relationships were built online because many of the people that I have great connections with I have never met. But over the time I realized that I needed to be selective on who I devote my time to. Because it really becomes draining when you are networking with no goal in mind. Who are you networking with, Why, and how are they beneficial to your growth. These are things that I asked myself a couple years ago

I KNOW, I KNOW! You probably asking what does this have to do with going digital? It has everything to do with it. When I gained clarity of what I wanted and who I wanted to network with it and how? Basically my why, it gave me focus. 2 Years ago I decided I was not going to go to every networking event just because it's there. I was not going to take on every opportunity just because it's there. I wasn't going to consume my time just because someone say they want to network with me. I decided that I wasn't going to devote time to someone or something that is not going to benefit my growth. Time is important! Time we can not get back! So I refuse to waste my time. So fast forward to 2 weeks I was talking to my mentor who was my previous boss. I worked for his company for years in the Printing, Graphics Marketing & Communication business. So I'm pretty knowledgeable about that industry. I told him I wanted to print out some business cards. I knew how long it took for the business cards to get to me. But as time progress the days went on I was still designing my card. I went through several design concepts which normally takes me 30 minutes at the most to design a two-sided card but for me it was different because I was rebranding everything. I wanted it to be perfect before I spend my money on 1000 cards. Imagine if I printed out the cards and I didn't like them? Now fast forward to today. I gained some major clarity and asked myself this question...

What are your goals Faith??? 
Do you really need physical business cards at this time? 
What if you went digital? 

Going digital & global is not only smart for business but...
  • It Saves You Time
  • It Saves You Money
  • Your branded is no longer dated
  • You can reach a larger audience
  • No need to go out to network unless you really want to. 
But also know that to go digital you must be intentional with your goals and have a set plan so everything can run smoothly in the process. Because it's worse to go through this process and not know what, how and when to go through this process. 

Once you have a plan of how you will go through the process of using the digital card it will make it easier for you. 

What are your thoughts on digital cards? Do you see your business going digital?

Sep 15, 2017

The Makeup Show Dallas What's New News

Saturday, September 23, 5:00-7:00

This year The Makeup Show Dallas is taking it to new heights and bringing all the stocks! So we're calling all industry professionals, Makeup Artists, Estheticians, Photographers, Hairstylists, Beauty Influencers to celebrate the 2017 show happening in Dallas!

This industry has grown tremendously over 10 year span, I mean I remember when I first started in the industry things were totally different. Technology wasn't as advanced as it is today. The access to information was there but it's way more access now then it's ever been. We have a diverse community of artists with different voices, visions and experiences so this is the best time to discuss the change in the industry! This year The Makeup Show is bringing something new to Dallas called the Town Hall hosted by James Vincent who is the Director of Education & Artist Relations at The Makeup Show. He is joined by a panel of artists and experts, where they discuss the change, current topics, debate timely issues, present ideas, and voice opinions, ask questions and have an opportunity to engage with executives and artists and explore some of the hot topics in today's makeup industry. So yes, this is a social event to discuss the things that are important to us as an artist! 

I encourage you to come out, grab a cocktail if you like and meet us at the Town Hall. 

Also what I love about The Makeup Show is that they care about the industry because we are a community! There has been a lot of events going on with Hurricane Harvey and it has really done some damage here in Texas. Many artist lost everything including they're makeup kits which for many is their livelihood because they do it full time. The Makeup Show will be accepting donations and selling Raffle tickets for large prizes of makeup and tools.

100% of the proceeds will be split with half going to the The Family Place, a local Dallas organization that helps to end domestic violence and the other half to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund to help those affected by this terrible storm in the greater Houston area. So if you have any donations or you would like to help in anyway buying a Raffle Ticket is a great way to help your community. 

The Grand Prizes will consist of products generously donated by: Crown Brush, MAC Cosmetics, Senna Cosmetics, Temptu Pro, NYX Professional Makeup, Terry Tomlinson, Breakups to Makeup, Danessa Myricks Beauty, bdellium tools, MustaeV, MUSE Beauty Pro, Bioderma, Smith Cosmetics, Graftobian, MAKE UP FOR EVER, Qosmedix, Beauty So Clean, T3 Micro, Cinema Secrets, Alcone Co. and many more!

Sep 4, 2017

Got Stains? I Got Something That's Totally Awesome!

This is my first post since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. It's a lot going on and we're still battling from that storm and have a long recovery ahead of us. But I wanted to bring you something that will make your recovery process easier. 

This concentrated cleaner is perfect for the Hurricane Harvey Clean Up! This all purpose concentrated cleaner pretty much clean any & everything and removes stains with little effort. Remember because it's a concentrate you definitely want to dilute it especially in water conditions. 

  • Grease
  • Wall Stains
  • Blood Stains 
  • Wine
  • Liquor
  • Gum
  • Oil
  • Coffee
  • Pet Stains
  • Inks
  • Fresh Paint
  • Varnish
  • Hair Dye
  • Makeup Stains
  • Ovens
  • Carpet

  • And More...

When I first encountered this product it was when I was helping move my sister & bro-in-law into their new home and let me tell you that home was so grimy. My bro-in-law pulled this bottle out and I was wondering what it was. And he told me where he got it from. This product removed so much dirt & grime and made everything look almost brand new. As brand new as it can get because it is an older house that has been abused from previous owners. Here is a before & after of the window seal that I cleaned at their new home. 

And now all it needed was a good painting which I did also.

So this is perfect for Homes, Businesses and and Automobiles. 

I recently had a chance to detail my own car because it got some direct water damage from Hurricane Harvey. And not realizing as I was driving home from work that Saturday in flood waters that water got inside the car with me. I didn't realize it until 4 days later when I was going to go volunteer at NRG Center and I was smelling something more like old sitting water. And that's when I found out that in my back seat water got inside the car. So I had to do some major detailing. All I used was Totally Awesome & some Lysol Wipes. 

I want to show you a snippet of me using this product on the ceiling of my car to remove makeup and oil stains. Just so you can see with your own eyes how it works.


So go ahead and ditch all of your millions of cleaning supplies and get you some LA's Totally Awesome All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner. It's inside Dollar Tree and retails for only $1.00. We can all afford $1.

Aug 24, 2017

The Perfect Infused Lemonade

The warm weather is still here and at least in Houston it will probalbly be here for the remainder of this year. This past winter it was hot in Houston so I wouldn't be surprise if its the same this year. But anyway one of the most refreshing ways to quench your thirst and curb your sweet tooth is through  a nice glass  of lemonade. Well this is a play on your ordinary lemonade. And I'll be sharing how I made this delicious Infused Lemonade. 

This lemonade was inspired by Pinterest. What made me want to experiment with this was the fact that I was planning a romantic picnic  and I figured this Mint infused strawberry lemonade would be perfect,  And it was. I was a bit scared of the mint because I know it has a inquiring taste and too much of it can mess up something good. One thing you must know with mint is that a little goes a long way. Mint is almost like salt to me because of don't need a lot of it for it to do it's job. You always know salt when you taste it and mint is the same. Mint should only be there to bring out the flavors

In the Pinterest Inspiration it look like they made homemade lemonade and they added lemon slices. Which I didn't do. I wanted something quick and easy. And literally this can be done n 5-8 minutes. 10 minutes would definitely be pushing it. 


- Mason Jars are quite affordable and can be found in places like Dollar Tree, 99Cent Only Store, or Family Dollar. I got mines from the 99 Cent Only Store for only $1/ea. 
- Your lemonade can be made from scratch or you can do the quick approach and buy your fresh lemonade. I chose Simply Lemonade because it's my ultimate fave and it is still All Natural! 
- Depending on how large your strawberries may be you only need 1-2 strawberries but you are welcome to add as many to your lemonade you desire. I got my strawberries from Krogers.
- Fresh Mint can be found anywhere. Remember a little goes a long way. I also got my mint from Krogers. 

Overall this drink is very refreshing it's great for parties, picnics, networking events and more. Let me know your thoughts on this Infused lemonade!

Aug 15, 2017

The Makeup Show Dallas: THE FACE COMPETITION

+TheMakeupShow  made an announcement about their competition that will be hosted in Dallas and you don't want to miss this! Every year they host a competition and many miss out on it because they just don't know about it but that's what I'm  here for.

The Face Competition

The Makeup Show announces The Face Competition is a live competition bringing makeup artists at all levels of their career and all areas of the industry together to prove themselves and show their skills in a competition that puts your artistry in the spotlight and pushes you to show us your best.  Individual makeup artists from the Dallas area market and all over the world are invited to come together to compete against their colleagues and prove that their skills in beauty, body, fashion & FX makeup set them apart from the rest.
Mentors will guide all chosen teams throughout the competition. Teams will be chosen based solely on what they see and review during the application process.

Each artist that wishes to compete must submit the following and email them to by 9/15/17. We will have our team of editors, photographers and producers select their favorite and create teams from the entries.
*Headshot- may not be larger than 2MB
*One paragraph bio which highlights makeup experience and education
*Three images that spotlight your best work- may not be larger than 2MB
*Completed application – Get Application Here
*Finalists will be announced via email by 9/18/17
* Finalists are required to be present both days at The Makeup Show Dallas Show 2017.
*Makeup Kit containing some of James Vincent’s favorite products. Valued $2000
*Announcement and feature in The Makeup Show newsletter and featured spot on The Makeup Show Blog.
*One complimentary ticket to every The Makeup Show in 2018. (NOT JUST DALLAS! WOAH)


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