Ginger OIl for Damaged Hair

Oct 29, 2009

Ginger OIl for Damaged Hair

Ginger root remedy for damaged-hair

Unfiltered sesame oil may have a darkening affect on your hair but it contains the most nutrients.


  • Combine 1 teaspoon grated ginger with ¼ cup sesame oil
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Massage oil into scalp and leave on for 10 minutes
  • Shampoo
  • Repeat weekly as desired.
  • If you scale this up to make larger amounts, put the grated ginger into a piece of cheesecloth and squeeze the juice into the oil. The oil will keep longer if it does not contain pieces of ginger. Store in the refrigerator if you plan to keep it for more than a week.

Why ginger root and sesame oil are good for your hair

Sesame oil is a natural sunscreen. Ginger root is a natural anti-inflammatory and has been used for centuries to treat dandruff.


For external use only. If any rash or skin irritation results, discontinue use immediately.

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