Product Review: Africare 100% Glycerin

Mar 1, 2010

Product Review: Africare 100% Glycerin

Africare Glycerin is a unique natural glycerin that not only conditions and protects the skin but it also adds moisture that protects dry and damaged hair. Kosher glycerin contains no animal by-products. This vegetarian formula is safe for daily use.

My take on this product:
Initially i bought this product for my skincare regimen. I don't know if you all heard of MAC fix + well I was making my duped MAC fix + when I decided to also use it on my hair. So what I did I got a container and mixed a couple of drops of glyceren with Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditiioner or my lemon grass CON leave in conditioner and a few drops of castor oil and I must tell you this product is superb. By itself you automatically feel the change in your hair texture. It definitely moisturizes and gives a nice shine. I would suggest this product to anybody. The crazy thing is if anybody know about glycerin the myth is that glycerin soaks up moisture which people said it was a bad thing but it's not a bad thing it retains moisture and put it back into your hair and seals it at the same time. So you not losing moisture you actually gaining moisture If you are going natural, transitioning or strectching this product is probably the best product to use instead of spending all that money to moisturize natural hair it's definitely not greasy, it doesn't rub off on your clothes."You will find yourself not being able to live without this product.". So don't sleep on this!!! You can find this at Walgreens, and CVS and it is $7. I added this to my regimen and suggest that everybody adds this to their regimen! Now I actually believe i can stretch longer then 3 months I may just stretch for 6 months that's my goal! The last time I got a relaxer was the week of Christmas. I didn't have to trim my hair or anything!!!! WOOOOHOOOO! I'm just doing my protective styles baggy methods and up do's. I don't use a rubber band or any scrungy I just use bobby pins.

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