Review: B'tyli Natural Skin Therapies Part 2 Cure Eczema!!!

Mar 1, 2010

Review: B'tyli Natural Skin Therapies Part 2 Cure Eczema!!!

Okay here is part 2 of the B'tyli Natural Skin Therapies review. I was suppose to do this Tuesday but got sick from being out in the cold and rain. That was the day it was suppose "to snow" well guess what guys, IT DIDN"T!!! These darn forecasts can't get nothing right lol. But it definitely was cold so in the first part of my review I told you all I was going to test the Body Butter Souffle' in the cold. So I did my daily routine in the morning for my face I call it the "Smooth as butter 4-step regimen" but this time it ended up being the 3-step because the last step I left out for a reason. The last step is normally me sealing my face with pure castor oil, but because I was testing the body souffle' from B'tyli I wanted to see if it would last in the cold windy weather so I left out the castor oil. I washed my face with my Black Soap by Shea Moisture ( for more info check out my basic skin regimen here The next step I used a toner by sea breeze that you will see if you click the link. Last instead of using the ponds moisturizer that I normally would use I substituted that for the B'tyli Natural Skin Therapies Body Souffle'. And thats all guys. I left 11:00 am and got back home at 5:30pm from the court in downtown. When I was finished with court I wanted to test the cream by walking around outside in the cold and rain. Yea y'all may think I was crazy for doing that but it was a test (and I paid for it when I got home I got sick but thats okay it was worth it). So immediately when I got home I got in my bed fell asleep and woke back up at 9 pm. So normally I wash my face at night so as I went to do that I decided to test my face and see if it was still soft and well moisturized. And how I tested it was I felt around my nose because around my t-zone area is normally the driest part of my face. And needless to say my skin was not dry it was still moisturized and smooth. Now of course it wasn't how it was at the beginning of the day but the point of this test was to see if my skin would remain moisturized because when I was using the ponds cream which is a good cream but by the end of the day my skin would get dry around my t-zone but with this butter it didn't do that. And like I said earlier I didn't do my last step which is my castor oil so the body butter alone works! As I said in the first part of the review ( if you haven't read Part 1 you should really read it) this body souffle' is their top sold product. It is an amazing product that can regenerate and restore the health of your skin. It can even be used as a hair conditioner. Body Souffle' can treat small cuts and burns, and has even cleared some cases of eczema. I would recommend this product to anyone because one it's long lasting, two its quality product with no deadly chemicals or alcohols three it cures dry skin and eczema! Who wouldn't want to invest in this product. If it helped my dry skin it can help you also.

Meet the owner Lisa Washington:

The ingredients in this natural butter is:

Shea butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil and scented with essential oil lavender.

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