Bronzer Application 101: How to apply bronzer

Aug 5, 2010

Bronzer Application 101: How to apply bronzer

The one beauty product we'd like to have on a desert island? The one we hope is in our makeup bag if ever we're stranded in an elevator with a handsome stranger? No, not mascara or lipstick. The answer is bronzing powder, which hides a multitide of skin sins and imperfections in one sweep. It's also the most versatile makeup you own, doubling as eyeshadow or contour, plus you can sweep it in between the breasts to create the illusion of deeper cleaveage. Miracle invention? We think so. Try on bronzers in our virtual makeover studio.

Forget about blush, which is the number one cause of most beauty blunders, and get yourself the perfect bronzer. Use blush improperly and you look like a circus clown...use bronzer improperly and you'll look is "toasted." Bronzer also happens to be the perfect tool for amateurs to use to contour their faces (under the cheekbones, down the sides of the nose and under the jawline to "slim" the face). Use bronzing powder as the finishing touch on your foundation every single day for a healthy glow without the sun.

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