Feb 19, 2011


Hello to all my blog lovers,

So I told you all in a previous post that I decided to go fully natural and did the big chop January 27, 2011. So here is one of the styles I rocked and I absolutely love it. I got quite a few compliments. I didn't think I could pull a hawk off but I think it came out pretty well. First I did a wash and go and let it dry the night before. I did a braid out to stretch my hair out to prevent shrinkage. Then the next day I combed it out with a large oversized comb and applied glycerin and water.

So here is the pictures of the style. If you all would like to see a video of this just comment below and say "SEE VIDEO" and depending on how many requests I get I will do it. =D


  1. This is so HOT! I love this look. I recently started wearing a variation of this look. I'd be interested in seeing a tutorial

  2. I will do one. I need to start getting into these styles Amy! You have come a long way. I seen when you first started. You did the real BC!



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