Prison Relationships

Mar 16, 2011

Prison Relationships

Hello OWF Crew,

So I was watching Fox 26 News and they were talking about prison relationships and why women settle for men in prison. A question was raised by one of the women who was dating a man in prison. She asked if it was vice versa, if she was the one in prison would he seek out for her. And he was like "O YEA BABY I WOULD DO THAT FOR YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU". In reality what he is saying is probably BULL because #1 he's in prison so he's saying any and everything to woooo that woman over, #2 most prisoners they have this what I call "Temporary ACT RIGHT" mentality where they have good behavior in prison then when they come out they act like they haven't learned a thing. Now not all prisoners do this so let me say that first but a majority do. 

So back to the question that was raised by the woman, my theory would be NO he wouldn't sacrifice and chase after you if you were in prison. The reason why I feel so strongly about this is because why would a man go after one that's in prison when there are millions of women running rapidly outside of prison? Now think about this what makes a woman different from a man we are driven by our emotions, MEN are not which makes my point more valid because a man is thinking more logically in sense because having a woman in prison is impossible for a man because he won't have access to her when he wants. Now for a woman it's more emotional because it's not really about the physical which is why women can resort to prisoners. It's more of a mental and spiritual thing with us. So that one reason why I say NO.

The other reason I strongly believe a man wouldn't sacrifice being with a woman in prison is because as I said before there are so many women outside of prison that would be an easier bate. It's easier for a man to find a woman then a woman to find a man. Even with the amount of lesbians that exist on the woman side the men still have a greater chance then we do of finding love. Think about it to every men they use to say there are 9 women but I think it doubled now to 14 women . So there are not enough men for each woman so our chances are slim then on top of that it's rare to find a GOOD MAN either they are already married or they hiding in the haystack. They are becoming extinct and if you do find one you got to fight just to keep that man because you got 14 other women fighting for him also. Then on top of that it seems like a majority of the men sex preferences are changing so that makes it even the more slim for us. So that's why women settle for prisoners because they feel like there is no chance of them finding that IDEAL man.

It's so much competition out here when a woman find one good man she has to go through HELL just to keep him. Some women give up the fight and go after a piece of a man because of that because they don't feel like it's much of an hassle. Then waiting on someone who may not ever come. Some women that settle it's because they scared of being alone and long for companionship. I remember when I was going through my stage of depression because I seen the amount of men that were coming out of the woodworks then I seen the amount of good men that were left and it just seem like there were not anymore men left. So I made up in my mind that hey I refuse to settle for a piece of a man so I found peace within myself that I may be single for the rest of my life because there aren't no more GOOD MEN out there. What are your thoughts. Please when stating your opinion please state it clearly and don't be disrespectful to anyone else's opinions. 

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