HUMBLENESS vs. HUMILITY! And what does it mean?????

May 23, 2011

HUMBLENESS vs. HUMILITY! And what does it mean?????

Hey OWF family

It's been a while I've written to you all because my space bar been acting suspect so it's making it hard to type but I'm fighting through this. So I wanted to discuss some things and share my experience and belief. You all tell me what you think.

HUMBLENESSis an (innate) state of being, where the person is meek and modest in their behaviour, attitude and spirit.

HUMILITYis the quality of being modest, reverential, even obsequiously submissive, and never being arrogant, contemptuous, rude or even self-aggrandizing. 

When someone demonstrates the quality of not being proud or haughty, we say that person has humility or is that humbleness???

Both of these words have the same meaning. They are interchangeable.

Example 1: Instead of arguing, he showed humility when he apologized for his mistake and took responsibility.
It also works if you use humbleness instead of humility.
Example 2: Instead of arguing, he showed humbleness when he apologized for his mistake and took responsibility.
** But to my ear, the word humbleness doesn't sound as good as humility

This is why I believe what I believe.
In contrast, you have a person who is proud, haughty and arrogant.
Now, if such a person were 'humbled' = taught a good lesson that he is not such an almighty important person, then he might reach a state of 'humility', which is: the quality of not being proud because you are fully aware of your bad qualities.

HUMILITY is not a feeling, it's a state of being. And also HUMILITY does not require thinking oneself to be unimportant, weak, poor, or etc.

HUMILITY is a noun and HUMBLENESS is an adjective
So I prefer having HUMILTY because humilty will combat humbleness.

The point of this is Humility and Humbleness will take you so far in life and being that I am in an industry that requires humility and humbleness because of that it has opened many doors for me that I never expected to happen and made me even the more humble.

I appreciate my roots and where I've come from because I probably wouldn't be where I am today and probably wouldn't be able to take constructive criticism if my parents have not instilled that quality of humility in me. 


  1. AWESOME!!! In a recent post I wrote "How to make money as a freelance makeup artist" I wrote that generousness and HUMILITY are the KEY to prosperity and that nothing you attempt to achieve will be reached if these qualities arent internalized, practiced and shown. thank you for this post! it was great and i agree HUMILITY all the way!

  2. That is definitely the truth Sherry! Thank you so much. :D



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