May 24, 2011

The Valuable Woman Challenge Day 1 Your Mind Set



Overall what I learned from day one is whatever you  feed your mind is what's going to come out. If you feed into negative thoughts negative things will come back to you. Even the bible says "As ye sow so shall ye reap". So if the bible says it it must be true right???!!!! So it's important to feed into positive things so positive things will come back to you. Sp the best way to do that is to totally reprogram your mind. Today I took this time to reprogram my mind I let all negative things go to channel in the positive. I AM A VALUABLE WOMAN AND DESERVE VALUABLE THINGS!!! Immediately when I said that I started to believe it even the more. I applied for three jobs as a beauty advisor at Palais ROYAL because y'all know I am a makeup artist and always wanted to work at a counter for the experience. All three counters called me back the same day I applied for an interview. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!


  1. Love it! I missed day 1 but I will be there tonight...

  2. I'm probably going to miss tonights if I don't get back in from this photoshoot. But I think she's going to do a replay for that.



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