Just Featured on

Jun 7, 2011

Just Featured on

I had an opportunity to be featured on a website and was it an humbling experience. I question sometimes why would anyone want to feature me??? It's amazing that others see something more in me than I see in my ownself. I want to thank London Wright who contacted me and interview me. This interview has motivated me even the more and lets me know that what I am doing is not in vain! Check out the website Stylez4Women and also check out the interview HERE, One of my favorite interview questions was"

What is your favorite make-up tip that can be used by all women? 
"WATER! We all desire beautiful skin and for anybody to have flawless makeup you have to have a flawless canvas. Adequate water consumption is essential to healthy skin, not to mention critical to the proper function of all not some but ALL systems of your body. Your skin is a reflection of your health or should I say window. Because if you are unhealthy you skin will show that! "

I overall had so much fun!

Remember to check out the interview and support me by commenting and check out the rest of the website! If you are into fashion, makeup, skincare, nails and more then this is a website you will love!

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