Leave It Alone and Let It Grow!!!

Sep 30, 2011

Leave It Alone and Let It Grow!!!

Hey guys I wanted to share something that has worked for me and I know to be true. Many have asked me how have I gotten my hair to grow so fast in a short amount of time. I transitioned for over 1 year and then decided to go fully natural in February 27,2011. Since then my hair has had tremendous growth. The trick to growing your hair out is by leaving it alone! Find you a style that will allow low manipulation of hair and will allow your hair to rest. I normally did protective styles with wigs and I did many co-washes and wash and go’s. I detangled only in the shower and well conditioned it. Just to let you all know it’s not in the products you use but it’s all about consistency! Some things can promote growth such as castor oil, vitamins, and more. And keeping your hair well moisturize can also promote growth because when your hair is well moisturized there is less breakage. I want to share some of the things I used consistently and is a major staple for my hair.
This moisturizer above contains mainly water and glycerin. Glycerin is the main source for moisturizing the hair. It is known as an humectant.A humectant (from vegetable sources) that attracts and binds moisture to the skin.. If you read the back of the ingredients you may frequently come across the ingredient glycerin in many homemade and commercial beauty products. And many spend loads of money on products not knowing all they have to do is buy a bottle of glycerin from Walgreens or CVS. So check the back of your products and make sure that you see glycerin. Normally if you see glycerin you will not see mineral oil because mineral oil does the opposite of what glycerin does.
This is something that I use now. Now Mizani can be on the pricey side but if you have the money to invest then this is good. I was fortunate to gotten the full-size of free products from Mizani at the Image Expo.
This product I like to use on dry hair and it moisturizes instantly. A little goes a long way!
Ok this is Glycerin. I talked about this above. 100% Glycerin. This alone can moisturize your hair and you won’t need anything else. Because I am a product junkie and like to try new things is the only reason why glycerin is not my only staple.
I hope this post was informative. I would like to suggest that you all read the ingredients and google all of the ingredients that you are putting into your hair.

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