Apr 26, 2012

The Attitude of Gratitude & Gratefulness

Hello my FAITHful Fam,

So I was inspired to write something that not only encouraged me but I believe in return it will encourage you. So this morning I woke up to the sound of rain hitting my window pane, nothing more soothing than the sound of raindrops. Although I woke up with a migraine it didn't stop me at all. I went and took a sinus allergy pill that knocked it right out. I thank God for GREAT medicine that helps soothe the pain I was having, because that migraine was no joke. So let's get to the source of this blog. So I was thinking about the spirit of Gratitude and Gratefulness. Gratitude & Gratefulness means the same thing in essence.

gratitude: the state of being grateful
gratefulness: : the quality or state of being grateful
gratitude: The quality or condition of being grateful
gratefulness: The quality of being grateful
The abstract noun gratitude comes from Medieval Latin gratitudo, “thankfulness.”
Gratitude is the habit of practicing gratefulness. 
This whole weekend I just been in the spirit of gratitude and I made up my mind that I want to create an ABUNDANT LIFE of gratitude. I have become aware of all the good things that surrounds me and this is why I'm so grateful and just can't bring myself to complain about anything because the more I think about it I look at my life vs others that are going through more than I've ever have or living under the bridge, don't have a roof over their head, can't take a shower or bath when they want can't provide food for themselves or their family. I look at things like that and overall I'm just so grateful. Sometimes we can take the smaller things for granted. If we can't appreciate the smaller things take no thought we will appreciate the bigger things in life. I was thinking about those that we may say are "More fortunate" or "Rich" but they may be rich financially but poor mentally, spiritually and emotionally because with all that they have they are yet still unhappy. Not all but many are. 

So let's get to the nitty gritty of this blog LOL I was suppose to do that a paragraph ago lmbo. So as I said, this weekend has been a blessing and I just been in the spirit of gratitude and gratefulness. I was just talking to my friend who came down from Dallas of how grateful I am. I was expressing my thoughts about Going to The Art Institute of Houston and having spent all that money I can't do one thing in my field of study but yet I'm still grateful and don't regret it one bit. Because I met him at The Art Institute. He ended up getting out of that school in less than a year but we stayed in contact and today are best friends. But anyway to make this long story short, He asked me to tutor him in AutoCAD which I did and then eventually he asked me to come work with him under him at his job. I had an interview with him got the job and then eventually we both left the job and he ended up starting his own business. I was able to do my internship through his company which was a blessing because I wasn't able to get a job for internship through my school.  In the end everything worked out. 

After I graduated from college I ended falling into makeup. What got me into makeup was my love for painting. Since I wasn't able to paint like I used to makeup became my form of painting. Through makeup I met some awesome people that helped me discover my purpose. One being Shanel Cooper Sykes. I talk about her ALL THE TIME! Y'all probably sick and tired of hearing me say her name but it is what it is. Then I met my second mentor Jennifer James. I can't even remember exactly how me and Ms. James came into encounter I just remember her tagging me in a note and til this day I still have that note and then the MEGA thing I got from her in my twitter inbox was this....

This was in 2010. In 2010 I was just starting in makeup so when I got this message I was like "WTH" How I'm going to do any of this when I'm just starting? I'm in my practicing phases.

Mind you the first look I ever did on myself was this...This was actually a youtube contest I did for ColouredBeautiful bka Ebony. That was my first video in December 2009. This is what sparked EVERYTHING! This one video.

Then the next photo was this. I wanted to challenge myself. This was in February 2010 months before Jennifer James messaged me.

Now I'm not going to post all my photos However I just posted these few to show you what stage I was in. I was practicing on my face and haven't yet perfected or mastered my face. Look at that! Not a pretty site huh? Yea I cringe everytime I look at these photos LMBO. But I said all of this to tell you that Jennifer seen something in me that I didn't see in my self at that time. When she told me that, I said to myself "IS THIS WOMAN CRAZY????!!! I'm just now getting into makeup and she's telling me to do models and portfolios? She is out of her mind!!!" But you know what I thought about it over night and I analyzed everything and I realize she wasn't crazy I was just afraid. Afraid of failing, afraid of what everyone may think when I tell them I want to do makeup. All my thoughts were wrapped around fear. So the next day I remember messaging her telling her thank you for pushing me to do better. And then she tagged me an informative note on facebook. I still have it til this day. But I said all of this to say I am so grateful to be where I am today because had I gone in another direction my best friend wouldn't exist, I wouldn't have met Shanel, Jennifer, there would be no MUA Chat Line, I wouldn't be connected to so many great artists. I wouldn't be here at all. I don't even want to imagine anything outside of this. Everything happens for a reason. I wouldn't be the person I am today. I'm just so grateful for my life. And although some may think it's not much but it's more than most I've seen. And I've seen many with a lot of things and yet they still are unhappy. I don't want to be like that and refuse to be like that.

This is my work now! I'm not the best but I've come a long way from them tiger stripes above!

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