REVIEW: Wealthy Minds!!!

Apr 10, 2012

REVIEW: Wealthy Minds!!!

Hello Family,

So I promised a review once my shipment came in and I got to experience the moment wearing my new shirt. So if you read my first article about this Wealthy Minds you would know that I am a fan of their song "Too Much Faith". But now I am an ULTIMATE fan of . I will be supporting this company for now on and YOU SHOULD TOO! I mean check out that packaging!!! Wow Wow WOW!!! Presentation is soo important and you can tell they care about their brand. Yes they are a small company but if you are starting off good just imagine how they are going to be in the future as they grow. Not only do they care about their brand as a whole but it's clear they care about their clients and want to make their clients feel like royalty! I give the quality of this packaging a A+. I give the marketing package a A+ Y'all know I'm a graphic designer and I also doe custom t-shirts so I can appreciate the quality of this. 

It also came with a bracelet to match the shirt and the song but I opted to wear it as a choker because my wrists are way to small. So if you have a small neck like I do then you can get away with this. Here are some pictures of me rocking my #WealthyMinds shirt.

I think details are just important. Check out these details on the shirt. Now that's nice!

Quality shirts for quality people! Only the WEALTHY MINDS can rock shirts like these. If you have a wealthy mind and TOO MUCH FAITH then you need to check out these people website and support them. Don't stop there purchase their song on itunes for $.99 to motivate you on a daily basis. I've been playing the song on repeat every morning. It's quite inspiring. Check out the links below...

Too Much Faith (feat. Elijah & Hanani Taylor) - Single

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