WEALTHY MINDS: You Can Never Have Too Much FAITH!!!

Apr 7, 2012

WEALTHY MINDS: You Can Never Have Too Much FAITH!!!

Hello family,

So I wanted to share something huge with you all because I'm all about sharing. You know what they say "SHARING IS CARING". Let me share a quick story. SO I was on facebook networking as usual and sharing some photos just updating my page. So I got a post on my wall and this is what it said...

So I read that and it stood out to me not only because it has my name on it but it's true YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH FAITH! There no such thing as "too much faith". With FAITH you can move mountains. And that's a fact JACK lol! I wrote a blog about "Law of Attraction" If you don't remember check it out. The Law of Attraction is all about Faith. Like attracts like. Whatever you believe become your reality. There is no limitation to Faith! So I responded to this guy and said " OOOOWWWEEEE! Yes I do need that! This shirt has my name written all over it!" So I didn't waste any time I purchased my shirt online on their new website . Now I had no doubts about this company because I heard much about it from my mentor Natalie Gouche and seen her advertise and promote this company. I like to support people that's pushing to do things! So if I can invest a few of my dollars to be of good service I will, because I have FAITH in this company. So I purchased the shirt then I was asked if I wanted the song  that goes with the shirt. So I didn't hesitate at all. I asked about the song that he was referring to. So he posted the link on my fb timeline. I checked it out. I had to go through a lot to download this song because I had to download itunes, then download quicktime, then I had to login just to purchase the product. I had a hard time trying to login but I kept on pushing because I really wanted to support this company and what they are doing. So FINALLY I got through I purchased and downloaded. I have the song now and got to listen too it.


If you haven't done so by now PLEASE purchase this song and support the clothing line.
When I listened to the beginning I heard a voice of a little child. When I think about children they are so precious and they don't have one doubt in their minds. This is the best time to train up a child to have Faith. Children are able to understand at the age of 2. This child said in the beginning of this song "MY MIND IS WEALTHY"!!! How powerful is that. Now I'm sure the child may not know what he/she saying or may not know what it means but it's something when a child is saying that phrase. You basically training that childs mind at a young age that they can be whoever they want to be and that Faith can move mountains. So I really like that. TRAIN THEM UP EARLY! Ok moving on then I heard this familiar tune but what I love about the beginning of it it was one of those tunes that draws your attention. It stays embedded in your head. So it started off very good. Then I heard a phrase "I'm Speaking my Dreams to Existence" This song is sooooo inspiring and tells a wonderful story about how Faith works. If you need something inspiring in your life to listen to (AND WE ALL NEED INSPIRATION) purchase this song. It's only $.99. Support these people and their dreams. Remember we are here for a purpose to be of good service to one another! You support them someone will in return support you when your time comes. God put us on this earth to help one another. So if you can help out please do so. This will definitely be my song of the season!

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