AWARENESS: How to Avoid Awkward Situations In This Beauty Industry

Jul 30, 2012

AWARENESS: How to Avoid Awkward Situations In This Beauty Industry

So this is a story I shared with my sisters and brothers in my group called MUA Chat Line 2 and I vowed to write a blog on this educating all of my beauty industry, Makeup Artists, Models, Hairstylists, Fashion Stylists and more on my experiences. I hope you all learn from this! No names will be involved in this blog because in the end it's not about the names especially being two were willfully involved. My dear friends, please understand that just like everywhere else there are perverts, and all types of creepy people in this beauty industry! The beauty industry is NOT EXEMPT! We literally have criminal records creepy people who are sex offenders and are on the sex offender database that are hiding behind the photography cameras but that's just a small percentage of them. Because we also have unregistered sex offenders that are low key.  So before you agree to go to their in home studio, or out home studio that look like an abandoned warehouse where the photographer demands you not to bring an escort, make sure you research first. And there are ways to get around the escorts! Bring someone that you truly trust on board as a makeup artist and more. The more people the better! That will squash all the escort NONSENSE. Next do the research there are many ways to do this. First get the address of the location, leave the address, the photographers name and number with a family member or close friend just in case something were to happen. Then before that do your research by googling! I promise you all, Google will become your best friend and it will become a habit to research everything. Also research the photographers references. I promise if he's reputable all of the people that worked with him will say so or at least a majority. Make sure you have your GPS on so you can be tracked worse case scenario. This is all somethings I'm sharing with you because I've experienced some crazy things. So my utmost goal is to share in hopes of it reaching someone.

 In this industry I know its hard to get your name out there and I know how hard it is just to break into this industry. I also know the importance of setting a goal of where you want to be in this industry, research on the industry standards, research the people that's in this industry, and those that you plan on working with research them, their background, references.

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