That GLOW Flow

Sep 26, 2012

That GLOW Flow

Hello My Gorgeous Peoples,

Many know that I am a makeup artist. Aside from that I always get questions about my skin and my GLOW FLOW! I thank God everyday for the skin he has blessed me with but just like anything you have to take care of your skin. I do at least. Although I'm fortunate I don't take advantage of that. I treat my skin like I would want someone to treat me. WITH RESPECT! I drink tons of water which is one of the cause of my natural glow because water purifies and cleanse and push out the toxins. But if you look at some of my recent photos on Facebook I have this glow that comes from makeup. It's still nice and natural but it's something that I achieved with makeup. I'm just now getting into matte foundations and finishes. I normally like a dewy finish rather than a matte finish because I think dewy is more natural to the skin texture and look. But lately I've been doing a combination of both and I'm liking it! But you all know with matte sometimes you can come off looking dry, dehydrated or ashy depending on how you do it. Which I only apply a finishing powder under my eyes, chin and tip of nose. Here are some recent photos.

You see how areas of my face is matte and then  you see that "SOUL GLOW" factor? This is easy to achieve. I like to use this method when I need that illusion of dewy skin when my face is really matte. I like to trick the eye sometimes. I have many ways I achieve GLOW from the SOUL. But I'm going to give you the product I used in these photos.

Step 1: Prime your face with your select primer. I like Eve Pearl Primer Moisturizer.

Step 2: Apply your foundation of choice whether it may be cream, liquid or powder. In my photos I use cream foundations. in Ruby Kisses 3D Face Creator in Level 13, Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in Dark, And Femme Couture in Chocolate Truffle to contour.

Step 3: Add a Translucent Powder or Finishing Powder in the areas you want to be matte. I preferably chose under the eyes, tip of my nose, and ball of my chin.

Step 4: Now the GLOW! Because you've added your finishing powder or translucent powder you need to add that Glow. As you see below this is Bronze. It adds a nice well distributed glow. You can see where it's placed strategically in my photos.

I love this. You can find this on the website
It says it's $29.99 WOAH!!! Hold your horses. NO WAY! lol.
I got this for free so I didn't know it was that much. There are definitely other alternatives that are cost effective.


Rimmel London 3 in 1 SunShimmer Bronzer in Gold Princess - 5 best bronzers

Rimmel London 3 in 1 SunShimmer Bronzer in Gold Princess (Check Local Drugstores)

Marcelle Mineral Bronzing Powder in Brazil - 5 best bronzers

Marcelle Mineral Bronzing Powder in Brazil (Check Local Drugstores)

DuWop Sun Drops - 5 best bronzers

The Body Shop Body and Leg Shine - 5 best bronzers

The Body Shop Body and Leg Shine

Hope you enjoyed this blog. If you have any questions leave them below.

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