Curly Perm + Natural = BEST OF BOTH HAIR TYPES!!!!

Oct 17, 2012

Curly Perm + Natural = BEST OF BOTH HAIR TYPES!!!!

*Sighs* Where should I start? I guess I should just get straight to the point. Right? Well for those that follow me on my FB Fan Page Online with Faith you would probably know that I cut my hair around the end of last month. In fact I did update you all on here about my hair.

I'm pretty sure in fact I know you all seen this photo. This was done on September 25! Then I went to a barber on September 29 which was that Saturday and got my hair cut down to BEAR natural and I posted that photo also.

Well I just want to share my love for my hair! I have probably the best of both hair types. BENEFITS: Both are drawn to water! In fact Water activates the curls and gives moisture! And then I think it's quite stylish to be rocking two textures. I've seen people rock natural and  relaxed but never have I seen natural and curly perm. It's not to say it's never been done I just never seen it. (Just wanted to make that clear. : D)

Since then as my curly perm gets older I feel my hair gets better. I have multiple textures in my hair. My curl pattern has come in and my hair has grown since this photo. I use to have a love and hate relationship for the rain because back in my relaxed days my hair would frizz from the contact with water. But moisture now makes my hair better.

This was taken October 5, 2012

 My edges has grown out a bit more and my curl pattern has come in. Actually here is a recent photo from yesterday.
I took this Monday  October 15, 2012. Can y'all see my new growth in  my curly perm?! 

This photo was taken right after I walked in from the rain.

I absolutely LOVE my hair and the multiple textures in it. And the fact that they love water makes it even the more better!

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