REVIEW: INFLUENSTER : Naturally Inspired Palmolive Fresh Infusions

Nov 29, 2012

REVIEW: INFLUENSTER : Naturally Inspired Palmolive Fresh Infusions

Hey Ladies & Gent

So I'm giving you a review of this product that I had over 2 months now. I wanted to make sure that I tried this and was able to give a thorough review. **DISCLAIMER: This review is sponsored by INFLUENSTER. None of these products I paid for. I was sent this product to review. Everything I have to say is my honest opinion.**

So many of you know that I am a Professional Makeup Artist. I love to experiment and try new things to share with my other fellow artists. I try to find things that are affordable and that works. In this industry Sanitation is something we stress. And I believe that cleanliness is next yo Godliness. And when dealing with clients we must keep our products, tools and station clean and sanitized. SO as you see in my demonstration the first thing I had to test this dish washing soap on was my makeup brushes. I wanted to see if this soap was multi-purpose. You can clearly see that my brush was quite dirty. This is one of my favorite foundation brushes. I get much use out of it. And just when I was about to clean my brushes with my other cleaning soap that I discovered I got these in the mail and decided to try test this out on my brushes. I felt if this can clean my brush then it's really good and worth buying.  So I tried the Lemon Infusion and as you can see my brush look good as new. A little goes a long way and the fact it has lemon infusion is disinfects my brush which is a plus. It's not harsh on the skin. Many dish-washing soaps drys my skin but this soap conditions my skin and my brush. It lathers instantly. And cleans instantly. Normally the Palmolive soap would take a little longer to lather and it never cleaned my brush like this. Trust me I tried. I also gave one to my sister to try which was the "Ginger White Tea". The first thing she said was she loved the smell. It had a calming pleasant scent. She also noticed that it lathers faster and breaks through grease faster. And a little went a long way. She didn't have to use as much in the dish washing water. She liked it and liked the fact it didn't dry out her skin. I also let my mother try one which was the Lime infusion. My mother LOVES washing dishes so if anyone should try it it should be her because she has tried every brand dish washing liquid out there. She instantly noticed that it bubbles faster and lathers faster. Which she love because she didn't have to use as much product in the water which tends to be a waste when you wash dishes like her. She also noticed that it didn't strip he skin and that it cleans better than any Palmolive soap she has tried.

I definitely think this is worth having in the house and both parties agreed with me that it is a nice decorative item. Because we all tend to keep all our other dish washing liquids under the sink but this is definitely worthy of being seen.

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