REVIEW Part 1: Parnevue

Mar 13, 2013

REVIEW Part 1: Parnevue

Hello family,

This review is the long awaited review. I said a while back I would be reviewing some products that was sent to me by Parnevu and I am excited to give you all this review. Being that at the time I was in between two textures I'm able to give you all a review from the natural view and from the curly perm view. I am not a newbie to this product. I have used Parnevu growing up. Some of the formulas have changed but it's not a huge difference. When I was getting relaxers my aunt would always use the Parnevu Leave in Conditioner which the container actually look the same. And the texture still remains the same from my knowledge. I immediately fell in love with it. I never knew or heard of leave-in-conditioner at that time because it was uncommon until she introduce this to me. I believe I was in middle school at the time or late elementary.  And being that this product is carried in many of our stores and beauty supplies like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, it is an honor to be able to do a review on these products. Reviews such as this one normally take me 2-3 months because I like to stop using the products I normally use to test new products and normally it takes 2-3 months to see results and to see if your hair adjusts to the product or reacts in a negative way. However because I BCed (which means I am fully natural now) my hair at the end of December I had to wait another 3 months because the texture of my hair is totally different from when I had two textures. Also because I had Havanna twists in my hair. So I'll be giving a two part review.

So the first thing I'm going to share is the Parnevu T-Tree Shampoo. I must say I'm not much into shampoo's because they tend to strip the moisture from your hair and because I'm partially natural and I have a curly perm also it's hard to regain that moisture back instantly so I tend to do co-washes often and less shampooing because I am transitioning.   But this shampoo right here I LOVE it! Trying it for 3 months I was able to see how it reacts to my two textures. It lathers fast on both textures. It has a calming scent, it stimulates the scalp. I noticed a difference in my dandruff. T-tree is a great way to control dandruff. I noticed my scalp has not been dry lately. And it made easier for me to manage both textures of my hair. Which is not easy. It locks in the moisture in the hair because of the glycerin. It stops itching which is what the t-tree is for. This is overall a great shampoo! A bottle of this is $6 however you can find it at your local walgreens, cvs, walmart, target and the beauty supply for cheaper.

Now let's talk about these two products. I was also sent the PARNEVU Extra Dry Leave-In Condition (for Extra Dry Hair). I used the leave in conditioner on dry and wet hair and you will see in the photo. Below my hair is completely natural on the back of my head and sides so to prep my hair I used a combination of the T-Tree Herbal growth and the leave - in conditioner to moisturize and style my hair.


During the moisturizing treatment.

I love my texture!


 Then I decided to do a rinse on my hair. I knew that I would have to moisturize my hair afterwards. So that's when I got to use the whole product line sent to me. Here are the results below.

And then I decided to finally go fully natural. Here is the before picture and the after. After I cut my hair. I washed with the T-Tree Shampoo, then I co-washed with a (non parnevue) conditioner then I added the leave in conditioner in my hair to moisturize it. I greased my scalp with the T-Tree Herbal Grow Grease and then I applied it on top of my hair to style it the way I wanted. What I love about the grease is it's not overly greasy. It's very light but it moisturizes and stimulates growth

Before my Big Chop as you can see Parnevu played a partial influence in the growth of my hair. See the growth??? :D

Stay tuned for Part 2. I will talk about my Parnevu while being natural and how it works for me now. So overall at this point my favorite is all three in combination. But I am a lover of the herbal grow. Would I purchase these products again???? You'll have to see in Part 2 for my Natural Hair Review.

For more information on the Parnevu check out and follow

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