Dec 25, 2013


Well the beauty industry is back at it again! Women & Men will never be satisfied. Hey I have to admit there are things I would wish to change but it's HIGHLY IMPOSSIBLE like my long legs and even my height. I could chop them off but only an idiot would do such a thing.  But some things are fixable. And this is one of them! We women crave naturally curly, full and long LUSCIOUS lashes. Some are blessed with them, some of us have to manipulate our lashes to get them halfway appealing then you have some with NO LASHES (bless their hearts). There are so many ways to get appealing lashes but never in a million years I would have thought of this idea. 

Well Eyelash permanent wave also and commonly known as Eye-Lash Perm is I guess the next best thing to getting fuller, longer and semi-permanent curly lashes. Because we all know nothing is permanent if it's not naturally developed from you but this is close to it.

However when I think of perm and permanently altering something I ALWAYS think of chemicals. I remember when I got perms or should I say "RELAXERS" because perms are the opposite of relaxers but they both involve chemicals. ANYWHO as I was saying I remember getting my hair chemically treated years ago and I use to dread getting them. Having to worry about the burning and discomfort every 3-6weeks I tell you it was torture for me. 

Well I've read up on this topic and seen different videos of the process and they all look uncomfortable to me. And as many times the women would say it was a painless process I didn't believe them. I mean c'mon putting an eyelash curler to my eyes scare me even as a makeup artist. So I only imagine this process is a bit uncomfortable. Maybe perhaps it is indeed comfortable for them #KanyeShrug. 

So basically the gist of the eye-lash perm is it is suppose to give you perfectly turned-up lashes anywhere between 4 weeks to 3 months. Like the hair on our heads lashes grow and shed. The life cycle of lashes is about 60 to 120 days. So as they grow out and fall out the effects of the perm become less noticeable. No eyelash curler and you may not need mascara.


 From what I was reading and researching from videos FIRST, lashes are coated with an solution similar to an adhesive and wrapped around a foam roller. The adhesive will hold them in curled position around the foam roller. This is the start to giving you the curl you desire. As your eyes are squeezed tightly shut and held shut a perming solution is then applied to your lashes with a tiny brush or q-tip. THEN the Esthetician then covers your lashes and roller with a plastic wrap and lets the chemical "cook"  for about 5 minutes. After the perming goes into effect they apply a neutralizer. Then plastic wrap is applied again you sit for a few more minutes. Then BAM The results are you get nicely separated, curly, extended defined lashes.
Eyelash Perming - Finchley, Whetstone & Barnet

I've seen different processes but this one was the most popular. This particular process seems to be a bit longer. It takes about 45 minutes and range in cost between $25- $80. I also seen another process that was shorter and seem to be a bit more effective possibly. BEFORE you jump on the bandwagon you must know that this process have some consequences. I mean like DUH it's perm near your eyes! I'm here to educate you because that's what I do on Online with Faith

  1. This process has not been approved by the FDA
  2. Because the eyes are extremely sensitive organs they react far differently from other parts of the body. I mean even if the chemical didn't come in direct contact with the eye some still have reactions and irritation and possibly permanently blind.
  3. Just like the hair that grows from the head perming chemicals could damage the lashes, burn them making them fall out even sooner. Lashes have the life span of about 3-5 months so it's important to think of these things.
**An extra word of advice: PLEASE be sure to seek out a qualified professional who performs multiple eyelash perms on a daily basis. Check for reviews of these companies. This is an instance where you should seek out the best, not the cheapest. CHEAPER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!

I've seen this product used on youtube by Skintology to process the lashes.

I found it HERE  <<<<=====

Will I be trying this out???? NO! There are too many options out there and this to me is too risky. But try at your own risk. Do your research. Below I've compiled some videos for you to check out for yourself. Tell me what you think and if you have tried this process before. Was it uncomfortable for you and will you be trying it out again?

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