Jul 8, 2014

Online with Faith: Park Boutique

I recently had the opportunity to visit one of the most unique boutiques I know of A Park & Ride Boutique called #ParkBoutique.  I wanted to share my adventure with you all because you are that awesome to me. This boutique is located in the heart of Pearland in Town Center Mall for those that live in Houston or Pearland area and go to this mall often then you would know what I'm talking about. Now we see food trucks quite often in Houston but how often do we see a fashion truck with stylish clothing??? Basically these trucks are converted into stylish boutiques and is a great way to bring the experience to you.

I was walking through town center mall and passed by this boutique. When I initially passed it up it wasn't open at the time so I didn't know it was an actual boutique but it did catch my attention enough  for me to go around the mall looking for a store front that never existed. Finally when I came back around the front door was open so I sort of walked around it and a young lady name LaShonda greeted me and welcomed me in.  I was astonished and started networking with her and found out about Lillie who is the co-owner along with her sister Viola.  I met Lillie later on that day. I will be featuring Lillie on my blog and will be giving the scoops and history of Park Boutique later.

Meanwhile I want to share a few of the stylish items in Park Boutique.

Some of their collection.

Love their shoes!

They even have a dressing room with a mirror in it. 

Fashionable jewelry starting at $5
Some of my favorite items there are...

I also purchase a top with lace sleeves that I absolutely loved. I went home came back and met Lillie and they captured this shot for me. This top was $35

Their items are ranging from $5 - 70. For more information follow them on these sites


  1. So, I definitely want to check this out! I've been hearing about boutique trucks popping up in Houston, might be the next best thing! Cute top by the way:)

    1. Oh yes it's definitely great and easier to access and great if you specifically cater to certain clients. Thank you!

  2. Very cool! I did see that truck and it was not opened at the time. I'm glad to see what they have to offer.

    1. They have great item pieces an the owner is very kind.

  3. How fun! I love fashion trucks! She needs to participate in the Liberty Station Fashion Truck Festival. I need to check this truck out, I love going to Pearland Town Center! :-)

    Live Life in Style

    1. Yes actually Shasie, I'm networking with her and told her about the group. I'm scheduling some things so we can all come out to it If you're interested. :D

  4. Seems like they have trucks for everything now haha.



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