Aug 18, 2014

POST: Tiffani Chanel Luxury Hair presents A complimentary Makeover Event.


I recently had the opportunity thanks to a friend to be a part of something so beautiful giving back to the women that are battling cancer and those who have survived.  Every year I make it my business to give back as much as possible. It was a beautiful experience! This event could have been cancelled because a couple of weeks before this event happen some cruel man broke into Tiffani Chanel Luxury Hair and stole all the wigs  that were donated to this event for the womrn looking for hair extension but because TIffani keep the hair locked up he went for the first thing that he seen out so his plan wouldn't be void. I tell you ugly people do ugly things. But thank GOD for the beautiful people! Despite what happen it did not stop the show. We had a great turn out and the women were BEAUTIFUL!  +Big C New Me  and +Tiffani Chanel Luxury Hair collaborated together along with the sponsors:

These are just some of the sponsors that made this event happen.

Also Channel 11 & 2 came out to support the event! So we had some great coverage! Check us out here!

Stolen Wigs Fundraiser August 10

  I had the honor of working with these two ladies! They felt so beautiful!
 Here are a few photos BTS capture of the experience by +J LaCour

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