BLOGGER 101: Things You Should Know When Covering Events

Sep 30, 2014

BLOGGER 101: Things You Should Know When Covering Events


I recently had the opportunity to cover +The makeup show! #Dallas and what a experience it was!!! This was the largest turnout for the first showing and I'm proud to say I was part of the Brand Ambassadors group that put the word out! But let me get to the point. I've covered some events some being on the large scale and each has different requirements and etc. I must say although this event was a great experience it was also overwhelming but in a good way. There were so many things to look at so in my head I'm thinking where do I start???? This year I found myself being all over the place and I guess because this was my first time participating in The Makeup Show not only as a Brand Ambassador but also as a Beauty Blogger that covered the event. I was trying to see EVERYTHING and honestly it's almost impossible to do that unless you create a schedule.  Also I had a lot of technical issues with my camera and phone. I did get a lot of information but it would have been a lot more effective had I planned out everything. So I put together a list of things that bloggers should know when covering events. This will bring awareness and also prepare you for future events.

  1.  Find out the name of the event, scope, what it is about, who will be there, where it will be, why it is beneficial and etc. Check out the website and just read over everything.
  2.  Map out a plan. In order to be successful you must be prepared. Without a structured plan you will be like I was all over the place! LOL just keeping it real! Figure out what you would like to cover..If you want to hold interviews. Figure out what role you will be playing at the event. If you want to spend a bulk of your time at the vendor booths figure out who you would like to cover. For the most part you want to get great content and you want it to be beneficial for your blog and for the event you are pretty much promoting.
  3. Make sure you get a backup battery, charger and memory cards. It would totally suck if your camera went dead in the middle of a seminar or interview, or if you run out of memory space. Having a back up plan is CRUCIAL!
  4. Make sure that you have business cards for your brand! I have two brands +Online with Faith  & +Faith Haller Beauty. K.I.S.S Keep it Simple & Stupid. 
  5. If you have to bring a back-up light. possibly a flasher or ring light that connects to your camera do so. You never know what the lighting will be light. Sometimes there are dark pockets. You want to get the best lighting possible and quality photos.
  6. REMEMBER DO NOT GET OVERWHELMED! Stick to the scope and stay on schedule
  7. Speaking of Staying on schedule I would suggest that you create a alert system on your phone that will alert you when it's time to move to the next project when covering the event. This will keep you on track.And if you have extra time then you can do whatever the HECK you want!
  8. REMEMBER this is also your time to network. Don't be sooo structured you forget to network with others. Take photos to capture memories with your fellow peers.
  9. You will be walking a lot and most times the events can be 7-8 hours long. Make sure you dress nice but comfortably, make sure you are well rested. If you do decide to go out make sure you have a back up plan. Drink some coffee or energy bars. You don't want to miss out on something because of LACK of sleep.
  10. Remember to HAVE FUN! Yes it's work for you but this is also something for you to enjoy. Take advantage, meet new people, be inspired, learn & grow.

That is All Bloggers & Bloggettes! UNTIL NEXT TIME! Peace, Love & Prune Juice....

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