My Start As A Beauty Blogger

Oct 28, 2014

My Start As A Beauty Blogger

I decided to share my story of how I became a  beauty blogger because I get ask so many times about it. I don't know if people ask me because they really want to know how to become a blogger, or what the motive behind them asking. Some have asked directly how do I get products for reviews, and some ask how did I get close to some of the people in the industry. Well I'll keep it real with you. I am no expert I am just one that is inspired to do what I do because I love what I do. There is no clear answer to any of those questions. At least not for me. Everyone story is different and motive is different. Honestly I never considered myself a beauty blogger. I don't even know when I felt comfortable with calling myself a "BEAUTY BLOGGER". But I can tell you this when I started my career as a aspiring makeup artist my motive was pure. All I ever wanted to do was be surrounded by like minded people and I wanted to learn everything I could learn. I didn't feel comfortable with calling myself a makeup artist until 1-1/2 years later.

So when did my journey as a beauty blogger start? Around the time I was comfortable with calling myself a makeup artist was when I started blogging. But remember I didn't consider myself a beauty blogger at the time. In fact I don't think I knew if "beauty blogging" existed. I really created a blog only to share my reviews of products I purchased, tested and loved, and products that I didn't care for I shared my review. I also reviewed a lot of items in my group that I created on my journey as a aspiring makeup artist in 2009 "MUA Chat Line" which is now called MUA Chat Line 2 on facebook.

So I guess many of you all wanted to know how did I start getting free products? RIGHT?!  I built a reputation of honesty on my blog and people reached out to me to review their products because they knew I did thorough but HONEST reviews. I never reached out to anyone because I didn't want my brand to be compromised because many beauty bloggers/vloggers had a bad reputation because they would give false reviews just to receive products. WELL that was not me! Some reach out to the brands also, Nothing wrong with reaching out to the brand, but it is important to know how to reach out to the brand  just like reaching out to that photographer or a sponsor. In everything that you do you must have integrity. Some lack that but my blog was built on that and when asked to review products and was sent products I let the brand know right off my expectations when reviewing the product. If they didn't want me to be honest then don't send me the product OR they can send me the product but they won't get a review. Because I'm going to keep it real.

So years of building my brand, networking and etc is how I got to this point of "Beauty Blogging". I honestly can't tell you how to run your own blog but I hope my story inspires you. Don't do this for the wrong reason because you viewers are trusting that you are honest. I know when I look to reviews I hope that the blogger is being honest.

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