Nov 22, 2014


Having the opportunity to attend and cover as a media blogger for +Fashion Houston 5th year anniversary for the first time was such a privilege and such an experience that I didn't expect. Honestly I didn't know what to expect but let's just say I was DEEPLY impressed!  Fashion Houston is a 4 Day event that is open to the public and takes place at the Wortham Theater Center in Downtown.  I had the opportunity to attend the opening night or I like to call it THE KICK OFF. Fashion Houston kicked off with designers Alexis Monsanto, Jonathan Blake, Sameera Faridi, Tibi, Little Black Dress Designer and Grungy Gentleman. It was great to see familiar faces, many I knew from the beauty industry as a makeup artist that I've worked with, some I went to the The Art Institute of Houston with and haven't seen since I graduated in 2008 and some I've met from previous fashion shows social network mixers and more. One of my favorite parts was being a part of the RED CARPET action, seeing many of my Houston Fashion Blogger sisters mixing with the crowd, taking red carpet group photos, selfies , usies and more. I want you to be a part of my experience so here it is from my point of view. Enjoy the ride! 


The LIQS Models. LIQS was one of the sponsors for Fashion Houston

I love her dress!

Miss Houston was in the building.
Houston Fashion Blogger Pumps & Macaron

Some of the Houston Fashion Bloggers members



Alexis Monsanto kicked off the show with a dramatic presentation. I felt like I was watching Lord of The Rings. This collection drew me in. Here is a little from his collection.

Alexis Monsanto

Rocko Stedy Narvios
Tamar Davis
Check out those shoes. Tamar was bringing it.

Tamar wan't playing with this outfit
Check out the shoes.


Jonathan Blake.

Jonathan Blake did an awesome job! I loved EVERYTHING about his pieces and the color scheme was beautifully put together.


I couldn't get a photo of Sameera Faridi because to was moving so fast but here is a photo of her. I think it's important to know the people behind the fashion.



Grungy Gentleman closed the night out with a fun, edgy but yet masculine look. Jada Kiss performed during their show. I loved GRUNGINESS of the show. You were allowed to be yourself and be free which I think that's what Gungy Gentleman is about. The freedom to be you.

This is not the end of this post. I have some more to share with you all. 

The Mayor decided to make an appearance.

Don't think that this was only a fashion event. There were vendors/sponsors that had booths set up on the event floor where the fashion show was held. I past this booth and seen one of the young ladies I worked with in the past. I noticed that this was similar to something I reviewed a few years ago called IOMA Paris which is a high tech tool that can see the damage within your skin and give a detailed skin analysis. Ciaravino Total Beauty is almost an exact replica of the IOMA Paris.

They did a demo on me. I will share my experience in a video recap. But basically I have very good skin. I have minor smile line but that can be fixed with exfoliation. No signs of age spots or sun damage.

I also ran into another booth that had unique purses , bags and also artwork.. Each bag is hand painted and hand stitched. This line is called The Hanhs Collection.

Patriotic custom bags

Overall I enjoyed this experience and hope to be a part of next years festivities! I would like to first thank Houston Fashion Bloggers for extending this opportunity to me and +Fashion Houston  for creating this opportunity for bloggers like myself to be a part of this.

Stay tuned for my video recap.

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