Jan 20, 2015


As a makeup artist, beauty junkie, beauty blogger I review, purchase, collect, and receive a lot of products and it's easy to build up so much merchandise to the point it becomes hard to store and becomes a MESS.COM. Lately I've been renovating and reorganizing  my space or habitat. If I'm not at work or church I spend a bulk of my time in this space so I need it to be inspirational and function for me to enjoy.

One of the the things that take up a bulk of my space when it comes to my vanity is my palettes. So I've gathered inspiration from platforms like pinterest and youtube and chose this inexpensive way to store but yet feature these products as an accents to my vanity.  These are not all of my palettes but palettes I use often and thought were "pretty swell".

I went on a venture to The 99 Cents Store and found this stationary organizer ONLY $.99. I picked up two. This beats spending BOOKOO of money on makeup organizers from beauty sites or beauty stores. AIN'T NOBODY GAUT TIME 4 DAT! Let's be innovative, creative and let's SAVE SOME MONEEEEEEY!

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