RECAP: Taylor Brione Hosts Skinny Cow Iced Coffee Tasting Party

Jan 25, 2015

RECAP: Taylor Brione Hosts Skinny Cow Iced Coffee Tasting Party

Today I had the opportunity to start this year off right. My first event I've gone to in 2015 and it was great networking with some of the +Houston Fashion Bloggers and other guests that attended this

+Taylor Brione Ballard  hosted a event sponsored by +Skinny Cow at her apartments. We had the opportunity to indulge in Skinny Cows Creamy Ice Coffee in all three flavors of:
1. Skinny Cow Vanilla Latte
2. Skinny Cow Creamy Cappuccino
3. Skinny Cow Mocha Latte

 I LOVE coffee! I don't drink it often but if it's in front of me trust I will not turn it down. I will tear that sucker up! This is a cold coffee and is said that it's better served cold, it's suggested to shake before serving because it is thick however some of the attendees that attended the event said that they warm theirs up and it taste better warm. I'm a warm coffee kind of girl so I'll probably be warming mines up.

So when I poured the flavors into the tasting cups honestly they all almost look alike. I wouldn't have known the difference had I not placed them in front of the bottle that I poured from. And when I chumped them down one by one they all taste alike also. Maybe I should have waited 10-20 seconds before I moved to the next one to let the taste marinate. Didn't think about that at the time. So I can't really say which one I loved the most. I loved all of them! I know on instagram I think I said "Mocha Latte" but honestly guys I can't tell you until I try them again.  SORRY but I'm not sorry because they  were SO GOOD. I was drinking them like water.

I stayed and talked to the attendees and we had some laughs listening and ease-dropping in Taylors fathers conversations. He reminds me of my father. He's so passionate about politics, society and what he believes in. 

Photo of +Houston Fashion Bloggers  member +Nicole Kestenbaum of Lipstick & Brunch. Check her blog she's awesome. She's also a photographer. It was great seeing her again. Photo Credit: Nicole Kestenbaum Photographer: +Taylor Brione Ballard 

I think my photo had a filter on it. Thanks +Taylor Brione Ballard  for taking this photo!

Can't go no where without a #selfie right? #SelfieNation

Not only were there coffee but there were loads and loads of donuts! I didn't indulge in any. They looked great but have to watch what I eat.

There were also fruit. I didn't eat any of that either but I could have just didn't have a taste for anything at that time but coffee lol.

I walked away with a skin cow insulated cooler! Pretty awesome. :D 

I really enjoyed this event and hope to be a part of many more hosted by Miss +Taylor Brione Ballard .

Be sure to follow Skinny Cow on instagram and hashtag at #SkinnyIndulgence.

Have you tried the new Skinny Cow Coffee? What do you think? Would you like to try it out? They are located in most grocery stores in refrigerated areas.

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