Table Mats for Decorative Pillows

Jan 19, 2015

Table Mats for Decorative Pillows

Hey everyone,

Happy New Years to you! New Year just bring a sense of newness, creativity, fresh ideas and more. Coming up to the holidays last year I planned to recreate and redecorate my space. It started with one vanity that I thought was too small to house my beauty products. I will do a blogpost on that but below is my new vanity that I built. I've added to this since this photo and still adding. If you would like to see updates follow me on Instagram I update alot faster there and have some current photos of my vanity.

Now let's get to the meat of this post. Decorative pillows are visually nice and add life to a space, color, texture and more. I love decorative pillows and many times when going in stores like Ross, Target, Pierre Once and etc one pillow alone can be $15 and up I've seen some $35. I just feel for one decorative pillow that's steep and can add up fast. I've always said I would make my own but it was creating the time to do it and be creative. Once I set up my space I had a vision and look to sites like Pinterest & YouTube for inspiration. I found a lady on youtube who came up with this method of making the shell of the pillow out of table mats. Which had to be one of the most innovative, fast and affordable ideas EVER. 1. most table cloths that are made of cotton are double sided, so you are getting two sides, you are getting the durability you need, the quality, the nice designs that you would get from a $15- 35 pillow only you're spending less than $10 depending on how many you want.

So I went on a journey this past weekend to find me some nice two-sided table cloths. The first place I thought of was Target. Target is MY STORE I just love it! I may no shop there often but if I had to pick from walmart and Target I would pick Target. ANYWHO I found loads of BEAUTIFUL table mattes that were clearanced to $2-$3 original price being $15-$35 so that was a deal.

The great thing about using table mats other than the reason above is they are already sewed for you. All you have to do is open a small section of the shell to insert the stuffing in. Which 1. you can go to Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Fabric Stores or any craft store that would carry stuffings. Or you can repurpose an old pillow reusing the stuffing from the old pillow. Which is the route I took.

What you will need if you don't have a sewing machine. You will need a (3) things:
1. needle, 
2. thread, 
      3. seam ripper
 The rest you see in this photo is just for visual lmbo. You don't need pins, sheers, or any of that extra stuff that I didn't list unless you are creating from scratch. I just wanted to make the photo dramatic.

Next you need your material then you can start ripping out the seams.

Below I did a instagram video capture of my process.

Once you have finished stuffing your pillow sew back up the patch and you should have something like this..

And this is how they look on my bed.

Remember to always think outside the box, be creative innovative, and most of all have fun!


  1. This is totally genius! I can't wait to see more posts like this, and signed up to get posts sent to my e-mail, so I have no excuses for missing them. Lol, I made my throw pillows for my living room and it didn't take too long, but it did take some work. I'll tag you in IG, just to show you. :)

    1. That is soooo awesome. I seen the tag did you put the intricate designs on them also?



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