Event Recap: IT Cosmetics & Jamie Kern in Ulta

May 25, 2015

Event Recap: IT Cosmetics & Jamie Kern in Ulta

After being treated to the most luxurious and exclusive dinner and surrounded by bloggers, makeup artists and makeup I didn't think it could get any better than that but the next day I had a chance to be a part of another IT Experience this time in ULTA. 

The IT GIRL Party was hosted at the ULTA in Rice Village. I spent practically a whole day hanging out with the IT Crew, bloggers and makeup artists.This event was opened to the public and everyone was given the opportunity to meet CEO & co-founder Jamie Kern in person, get mini-makeovers, dance to the DJ beats, mix and mingle with bloggers, makeup artist and beauty addicts, take pictures with walking over-sized makeup compacts and makeup brushes (YEAH I SAID IT) There were walking compacts and brushes walking around.  Don't believe me here is the proof...

With the IT Cosmetics PR Team and the life size compact and brush

I had the opportunity to get a mini-makeover. The artist didn't want to remove my makeup that I already had on but I was eager to let them do it. My makeup artist was the beautiful Victoria from Dallas, Texas.

My Makeup Artist - Victoria

She was so energetic and I loved how she explained everything she was doing as she did my makeup and the products she used on me.  I think a lot of makeup artists can learn from her. I definitely picked up some things from her when it comes to customer service and engaging the client. She made me feel comfortable.
Victoria wrote products she used on my face down on my personalized face chart.

I was having so much fun with the life sized brush apparently. The funny thing I heard the brush say kiss me so I did not hesitate at all. That's what artists do. They show love to their brushes.

While networking I seen some fellow bloggers I network with often! It was great to see some familiar faces.

I ran into Shalanda of +Live Life in Style 

Nicole Kestenbaum of +Lipstick and Brunch

Tameka (Tammy) also known as +Embellished Dame They were also at the VIP Dinner with +itcosmetics the night before.

I also seen some more faces from the night before at the It Cosmetics Ulta Event
Beauty Vlogger  +LipglossLeslie 

I met so many people and am now keeping in contact with them.

As I said there was a DJ in the midst

Hey Mr. DJ...Can You Play My Favorite Song???!!!
I had a chance to play with some of the products and some of IT Cosmetics top favs.

This is one of the most talked about products from +itcosmetics 

Your Skin But Better™ CC Cream with SPF 50+ 

It's an all in one Full Coverage Color Correcting Cream that includes coverage, clinically proven anti-aging serum, and that needed protection for the skin a Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ It can't get any better then that. It retails at $38.00 I know that many may think that's steep but really you're paying less for an all in one then you would be paying if you went to Walmart and got a SPF skin protector, a concealer,  and an anti-aging serum. You'll be paying more but you're getting a all in one which is PERFECT for that everyday woman that lacks time but need something that's quick but yet effective and it's treating the skin. It's a creamy consistency  but it's not watered down. It mimics skin but it gives that perfect coverage and glides beautifully. It will have your skin feeling and looking like butter. It comes in 5 selective shades. 

This cream is considered the "Beauty Miracle" Jamie Kern uses it and Desiree who you will normally see in Jamie's youtube videos and QVC wears it and they actively share their transformation and I've noticed a little goes a long way.

Another fav of mines is the 


I had the opportunity to catch one of the artist in action while she used this product on one of the customers.

Tightline Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer

This product is the award winning mascara. IT GETS TO THE ROOT OF YOUR LASHES! It's also an all in one mascara. You are getting your primer, mascara and eyeliner in one tube. It defines, separates and adds the needed intensity and it makes the lashes appear fuller because of the illusion of the tight-line and for women that has short stubby lashes this is the perfect size mascara to grab those lashes and get them perky. This is why I love IT Cosmetics because when they created these products they really put some thought into the development of it. They made it so simple for the everyday women to use and less intimidating. I know tight-lining for many can be a scary thing to do and some shy away from it but everyone wants fuller and more defined lashes. This is why this mascara is award-winning. This is the first microscopic mascara wand ever created and I knew that sooner or later brands would be mimicking this remarkable formula and brush. Definitely one of my favs.

Another fav are the +itcosmetics ultra-luxe brushes. These are some of the softest brushes I've seen in retail stores. They are well fabricated and per Jamie...

Jamie Quotes- brushes

Everyone having fun with the walking compact.

The IT GIRLS of +itcosmetics 

A photo of the beautiful Jamie Kern and I! She was so eager to share information and was so kind. I enjoyed this event and enjoyed meeting her and the team. Thank you so much +itcosmetics for this AMAAAAAZING opportunity!

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