May 7, 2015


DISCLAIMER: I received this product complimentary from Influenster to test and review. I am not being paid for this review and not being paid to give a bias review. All thoughts and opinions are mines.

About a month or so ago I received the Carefree VoxBox. Inside was a package of Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners and an pamphlet and COUPON attached.

These pantiliners are unscented which is great four our friend! The package come with 20 individually wrapped liners which is great for that woman on the go. They are body shape so it fits perfectly into the contours of the underwears. 

They are relatively thin and shorter in length then the average pantiliners I've used in the past. They feel like you are wearing nothing which is great because feeling like you wearing a pad daily is not the business. It's comfortable to wear. These are best to use when you're spotting and it's also great to wear daily to keep the moisture from going to your panties.

They have an 8 hour odor control system, they have a new core that is proven to absorb 2x more than before and as I mentioned they feel as soft and thin as a panty.

I'm pretty sure you need some proof right? Because you may be thinking like I was how can something so thin absorb so much moisture???

Well I did the ABSORBENCEY TEST using stage blood by Graftobian so don't get scared lol. It's not real.

So what I did was mix part water and part stage blood to think the fake blood out because it's pretty thick.

I did the test thinking that this liner would be too thin to withstand the moisture impact. I removed the wrapper and this is what I got....

No leakage and no drippage??? How is this possible??? How can a liner so thin absorb so much?

I did the rip test to see what was in the core of the liner... Inside I seen some gel like balls in between...Look like caviar almost lol 

This is the secret behind the absorbency. That's pretty amazing right? My fake blood turned the little gel caviar like balls red. That's how well they absorb.

Not that I would use this liner while I'm heavy but it's great to know that this pantiliner is heavy duty to be so small and can handle the storm (LOL). I would definitely purchase these liners again. #FreshisFierce 

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