LUNA by FOREO with Antonius Hanegraff

May 29, 2015

LUNA by FOREO with Antonius Hanegraff

I had the opportunity to attend the live event for Luna by FOREO hosted by +iFabbo and the special guest was Senior Marketing Manager of FOREO Antonius Hanegraff.


We had the opportunity to Learn about FOREO's innovative LUNA skincare device that delivers deep-cleansing via T-Sonic™ technology from Antonius and we got to ask questions that many wanted to hear.

FOREO is 2014 CEW Winner of Skincare Tools Award

Antonius started off with a short introduction of the company Foreo. Foreo is an swedish company founded in Stockholm, Sweden about 2 years ago in January 2013. (WOW only two years). They started relatively small and took off really fast. They were in Europe in 2013 and then expanded to Asia later in 2013 and then last year in the United States. They have 8 offices worldwide and 4 of those offices are regional offices. What makes them so unique is they design everything in-house! From designing and producing. They have their own factories, design team, copywriters, marketers so they are very quick at creating new innovative products which makes FOREO unique because it enable them to create unique technology without compromising who they are

Here are some questions that was asked and the response.

1. How did FOREO create the concept of the product?

Foreo was founded by a group of product engineers and scientists, dermatologists, dentists a lot of experts in the field that united in the FOREO institute to product the products. Some of the main founders are product engineers. These are people that look at products and question why things are the way they are and product products to make the system better or rework the glitches in the products already made. Example the facial brush it was something that could use improvement. And that is how the Luna was created. There was a lot of inspiration behind the development of the Luna. If you look at brushing your face with a clairosonic brush it's a pleasant feeling, therapeutic in a way. and when you use your hands it's very ergonomic experience so they wanted to merge the two inspirations. The Luna fits perfectly into your hands which makes it ergonomically friendly. It's a very natural experience. And as far as technology this is something restored from your beauty routine whereas a lot of traditional solutions the brushes either isolates or rotates but with the Luna they use "t-sonic Pulsations" which is non abrasive it does not pull on the skin. It mimics when we lightly tap serum below the eye in what is said to be the most sensitive part of the skin. It reduces pulling of the skin. FOREO took the concept of being gentle and formulated the luna within that concept. But what makes this product a lot more effective is they used the gentle concept but they do it 8000 times per minute and that's the t-sonic pulsations that you read about and you feel which allows you to deep cleanse but in a way that is healthy for the skin and it's able to reach deep within the pores. And the fact that they combined silicone which is forgiving on the skin because the silicone are perfectly round and non abrasive to the skin and you can pretty much do anything from massages and more. The silicone actually was inspired by the medical industry. Silicone is widely used in the medical industry because it does not soak up product. And that's why test have shown that silicone is 35% more hygenic then your typical nylon brushes because it doesn't trap moisture not hold bacteria. Which is a benefit of the Luna because you don't have to replace a brush head with their product.

2. What sets you apart from the other facial cleansing products on the market today?
He pretty much summed it up in the last question but he went on to say that they are the only one or first onehat use medical grade silicone as a brush which has it's advantages. It doesn't harbor bacteria because they don't stay wet for bacteria to form. So very hygenic. They designed it where you don't have to replace a brush set which saves tons of money unlike the other markets so it's worth investing in. FOREO is all about the experience in the look, how you use it, you don't have to maintain it. The user experience it's easy to use. you charge for 1hour and the charge lasts 7 months. The charging sets them apart. It's waterproof.

3. Why should I invest in another facial brush? As a long-time Clairisonic owner, what makes the Foreo worth the switch? The Luna and Clarisonicis so hard to compare because they such different devices but if you look at the market there is a huge group that can not use the clarisonic twice a day and the fact that it's nylon the bristles can be pointy the rotation and isolation is abrasive for some people and some people skin react to it. The good thing about the Luna is you can use it 1-2 times a day it's not abrasive. You get the deep cleansing but with the gentle touch.

4. I have really sensitive skin and eczema and a few cleansing tools like the clarisonic have not worked for me. In fact they have made my skin worst when using it. How does this differ from that? I have been eyeing this product for a while and I'm definitely interested.
I think the majority of FOREO users are people that have sensitive skin. The difference is they use pulsations, Like the tapping with the finger the luna again provides the gentleness. The good thing about the luna is they have different brushes. One for sensitive skin, one for combination to oily skin, one for ultra sensitive. Each brush has touch points which provides the energy to the skin. Because of the touch points it's less irritation. I recommend to build up the speed we have 8 speeds if your skin is sensitive then you may want to work yourself up especially if you've never used a brush.

5.Can the pores be diminished using the Luna?
That is a big debate because can pore size be diminished from a technical point a view? The Luna can remove dirt, grime which can minimize the appearance of large pores. I can say the better cleansing that you get and if you create a consistent routine you can indeed see results in the appearance of the skin and pores. 

How to Use The Luna???

Step 1 Remove makeup an grime first. it will allow the product to work better into the skin
Step 2 You can use any cleanser with it however stay away from exfoliators with the Luna because it defeats the purpose of the gentle touch and it can possibly mess up the Luna. You can also use oil.
Step 3 You can apply on the brush or face but you will get a great lather effect if you wet the luna and put the cleanser on the brush head.
Step 4 Press the power button and you will hear the pulsations. You can use rotation movements or swiping movements for 1 min and every 15 seconds it will pulsate and then it's time to move to the next section of face. It turns off after 2 minutes

PRO TIP: Pulsations are great for cleansing and massaging effects. Which increases blood circulation and it helps flush the skin from toxins and impurities which leaves you with that great glow.
Step 5 When finish rinse of your Luna brush, dry off and store it beautfully on your vanity and you're good to go! 
 I truly enjoyed this opportunity to be a part of this live event. I learned so much and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to share with my readers who may have questions about this product.

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