Foreo's Luna: A Innovative Way To Clean Skin

Jun 29, 2015

Foreo's Luna: A Innovative Way To Clean Skin

I would like to thank +Foreo Luna for trusting me and allowing me the opportunity to test and review their product!

So what's the hype and what is this crazy looking tool??? For the past year I've been trying to figure out what this weird looking thing was. I work in JcPenny's so I'm able to see a lot of the new things that come on to the floor of Sephora because I work as a visual specialist in the weeee hours of the morning. I noticed this odd tool that was a limited edition at Sephora and I tried to figure out what it was and what it did. I knew it was a skincare device but I didn't connect it with being an exfoliator maybe because it didn't look like something that could even knock off dust. 
Facial brushes has been a major trend for the past 1-2 years and I'm glad that people are taking skincare seriously. We were all trying to find the latest technology that would give us clearer and smoother skin. Now I never really was into cleansing brushes and gadgets in that way. I always used my hands to cleanse my skin but I been noticing as I got older my skin started to do some of the weirdest things. So as a beauty blogger I'm not afraid at all to try something new and switch up my routine. So I got into the regular face brushes. When I initially seen the Foreo Luna I wanted to know why should I invest $199 into something that I don't know anything about. I didn't care what award it won and what magazine it was seen in. I initially spent $6 on this which had a similar concept of the FOREO LUNA except you getting a exfoliator brush with a silicone brush on the back side. So I felt I was getting a manual luna & Clarisonic in one. The only thing about this which is fine with me is you have to hand do it and the bristles on the silicone side is different from the Luna but same concept.

This leads me up to the LUNA. A couple months ago I had the opportunity to attend a live event with Foreos Senior Marketing Manager Antonius Hanegraff. (To see my recap and interview with Antonio Hanegraff click here) I've been eyeing this tool for a while at +Sephora . It was a limited edition inside JCPenny's and I wondered what made this tool so special? This was my opportunity to get some inside information and see a live demo and ask questions about the product. I had no plan on purchasing the product until I got some answers because this product retailed at $199 basically $200 not including tax. So if I'm going to invest it's best to get more information about this device. RIGHT?! Some of my readers have been asking me about this device and at the time I've seen it but I knew nothing about it and thought it was a quite odd device. It wasn't until I attended the live event with Antonio Hanegraff I became more intrigued about this product. I got to ask questions and a lot of my questions was answered. I then went to their website to just look at their products to get more info about their product for my blog. The rest is here from the recap with Antonio Hanegraff  So I'm excited to be sharing my experience with you all. I won't be able to do a lot of detailed shots and give you detailed information about this tool because this will only be a 1 week use review. So of course you can't accurately review a skin care product in 1 weeks time. But I can tell you how it feels, the functionality, comfort. If I experienced any immediate breakouts and if I noticed any immediate changes to the skin in 1 weeks time. Because you can see SOME things in 1 weeks time but I don't want to mislead any of my readers because reality is it takes about 3 months to really know how the product has effected your skin either for the worst or for the better. So I will do my reviews in phases. I'll do a 1 month review, 2 month review, then my 3 month review. I think that's fair right? That's the only way I can remain honest with you all.

A little History about Foreo:

Foreo is a Swedish company that was founded in Stockholm, Sweden about 2 years ago in January 2013. They started relatively small and took off really fast as you can see. They were in Europe in 2013 and then expanded to Asia later in 2013 and then last year in the United States. They have 8 offices worldwide and 4 of those offices are regional offices. What makes them so unique is they design EVERYTHING in-house, from designing and producing . They have their own factories, design team, copywriters, marketers. So they are very quick at creating new innovative products which makes FOREO unique because it enables them to create unique technology without compromising who they are. Foreo was founded by a group of product engineers and scientists, dermatologists, dentists a lot of experts in the field that united in the FOREO institute to produce the products. Some of the main founders are product engineers which makes this company pretty special. 

Immediately after receiving my LUNA I was preparing for The Makeup Show  Dallas so I decided I would use it in Dallas. The Luna is a innovative way to clean and exfoliate the skin. I tried different techniques using the Luna just to see how it performs. I've seen mixed reviews of this product before hand. I admit I was one of those skeptical individuals trying to figure out how this was even effective. But just like the concept of the dual sided brush I showed you  prior to this statement. this is similar in concept but far more advanced.  They took the concept of a clarisonic brush and how therapeutic it feels and how you use your hands to clean and massage which is a more ergonomic and effective way of cleaning to create the Luna. What LUNA did was take both concepts merging  them together which is what makes the LUNA so special. The LUNA fits perfectly in the hand which makes it ergonomically friendly. And for technology this is something restored and inspired by our daily beauty routine whereas a lot of traditional solutions the brushes either isolates or rotates but what makes the LUNA so unique is it uses T-Sonic Pulsations which is non abrasive and it does not pull on the skin. And it gives you results faster.

The FORE LUNA mimics the light tapping motions we use when applying serum to the under eyes. The concept is not to pull on the skin below the lower part of the eyes because the skin is delicate and thin. And the pulling only results in tearing of the outer layer and damage and also believe it or not could result in increased wrinkles and damaged capillaries. It pulsates 8000 times per minute which makes the results faster and a lot more effective because it's stimulating the blood flow as the skin cells repair itself. 

Some features you will see on the FOREO Luna 

  1. Cleansing/Exfoliating side. 
  2. 3 Button Interface
  3. Waterproof Charging Port
  4. Anti-Aging Surface 

  • It's very hygienic! FOREO Luna uses a medical grade silicone seen often in the medical industry that's not only non-abrasive but it does not harbor bacteria because it doesn't stay wet for bacteria to form.
  • It was designed so you won't have to replace a brush. So not only is it safe on the skin but it allows you TO KEEP THEM COINS IN YOUR POCKET!!! *HELLO*
  •  FOREO is all about the experience in the look, in how it's used, the maintainability of it, functionality. the user experience it's easy to use. 
  • The charging is what sets the LUNA apart from any skincare electronic tool out there.  WHY??? Well you charge it for ONLY 1 hour and the charge lasts 7 months if not that. So you can use it up to 300 times before it's time to recharge.
  •  Oh and who doesn't love that it's WATERPROOF
  • It's great for those with sensitive skin types and normal, dry & combination skin types.

So when using the Luna it is suggested NOT to use exfoliating cleansers along with the Luna. For one the Luna is already an exfoliator so no need to double exfoliate. It can also damage the skin and the device. So use a regular cleanser that has no grainy, bead like texture to it.


Let's face it outside of all the things I listed above this is one of the biggest things that sets them apart. The reason why they chose to use silicone was because silicone does not soak up the product. And that's why test have shown that silicone is 35% more hygienic then your typical nylon brushes because it doesn't trap moisture or any other form of dirt and bacteria. 

When making changes to your skincare routine your skin will experience some things.  Many times you may see the bad before the good because what the skin is doing is it's reacting to the change of routine and adjusting. It doesn't mean that it's reacting to the product because you're allergic to it. Just like the muscles when you work out areas that you've never worked out before your body will respond to it in a way of soreness. The only way your body will get use to it and strengthen is through repetitiveness. That's where the results comes from.  So you must continue to use the product to see the results. 

If you seen my skin before with no makeup then you would know through the naked eye I have pretty decent skin. It's not perfect but it's definitely not considered the worst. I don't have acne prone skin but my skin does get occasionally dry. And when experiencing dry patches in areas of the skin it must be handled delicately. What I personally noticed immediately after using the Luna is the radiance of my skin. Now I have been experiencing dry patches so I assumed that upon using the LUNA I would see some immediate results which I did. I seen results within a weeks time with my dry skin and this is how. The Luna is known for it's gentleness and it's non-abrasive. So when applying things like my moisturizer, and serums under my eyes and around my face I notice I would apply it with the Luna and work it in using it vs with my hands which I normally use when dealing with serums. I found that my skin was a bit more hydrated because the luna is silicone so it's not soaking up the product as you apply. It works the product in evenly and with the t-sonic pulsations I feel that the blood flow is stimulated and with stimulation and consistency you'll see the results. Now I'm still experiencing dryness of the skin but because this is only a 1 week review I don't expect to see a major miracle with my skin in 1 weeks time. I haven't had any outbreaks from the use of this product. 

When using the product this is how FOREO recommends you use this product which is how I used it initially.

Step 1 Is the prepping phase. They recommend that you remove makeup with a makeup remover wipe or whatever you use to remove the makeup  first before using the Luna. If you don't wear makeup then you can skip this step.

STEP 2 Is to wet your LUNA and apply cleanser either directly to the skin or on the LUNA. Whatever floats your tank. 

STEP 3 Is to work the cleanser in each zone of your face. The LUNA will let you know within 15 seconds when it's time to switch to the next zone on your face. 

STEP 4 Once you finish rinse off your luna and run your thumb through the silicone bristles to remove grime and dirt. Then dry off your Luna.

I mean literally a cave man could master these steps. It's really simple and great for those that's limited on time.

  • I think I mentioned this at the beginning but I hate the feel of things vibrating on my face and feet. It's torture because it tickles. Especially around my nose. So I kind of bipass my nose for that reason. I can tolerate it on the larger surfaces of my face but my nose I just can't deal.

  • Also what I noticed is although the luna is ergonomic and it's small it's still too big to get around the crevices of my nose which is where a lot of the dead skin cells sit at. At least for me. So I find that using the Luna alone may not be enough for me for that very reason. 


Hey had to save the best for last. Unlike a clarisonic that is too abrasive on the skin to use daily the LUNA can be used every day and twice a day if you want. Although odd looking it's still visually beautiful to look at and sit on the counter.

The LUNA Professional set is covered by a 3 year limited warranty and a 10 year quality guarantee. With the long term value it does not require a  brush replacement.

It's hygienic! Any one with sensitive prone skin should appreciate this! 

It's non- abrasive. I CAN'T STAND PRICKY BRUSHES!

I'm a visual person so I love things that's visually nice to sit on top of my station even if it means it will collect dust and not be used at all. LOL. This is definitely something I can sit on my station and take pride in looking at it for long periods of time.

IT'S A DANG ON MASSAGE DEVICE ALSO! *Get your mind out of the gutta* Get you some lavender and use this to massage your back and different pressure points you going to be walking away cheesing. If you don't have a significant other to give you back massages it's all good THE LUNA IS THERE FOR YOU! 

These are my current thoughts for right now but I will be thoroughly reviewing this product but if you're interested in purchasing this product look into it. If you have sensitive skin then this is for you. 

For Purchase and more details SHOP NOW FOR THE LUNA

Luna for Men

There are different LUNA's for different skin types and also there is a LUNA for the men. It's different because men have tougher skin and facial hair. 

Check out their website for more of their products. SHOP NOW FOR THE LUNA


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