National Lipstick Day: LIP OF THE DAY

Jul 30, 2015

National Lipstick Day: LIP OF THE DAY

National Lipstick Day is so symbolic and revolutionary for artists like myself and beauty junkies all over the world. July 29 is a day for everyone to unite and wear their favorite color lipstick or be bold and try something different. #NoJudgement

National Lipstick Day give women and men the freedom to express themselves artistically but freely because once upon a time in different countries lipstick was banned. So I'm celebrating the freedom to wear lipstick and the freedom to be bold and different.

LIP STICK FEATURE: +Magnolia Makeup Ultra Matte Liquid Lip in Eggplantish


I decided to wear something bold but more on the darker spectrum because that was my vibe. I wanted something that was unique and edgy. I went with a edge meets class look because although my lip color was edgy I softened up the look with my hair and the application of makeup by soft contouring my face. I did some slight strobing to soften the look. I kept the eyes simple and added a skintone peachy blush. Not too overdone because I did want the focus to be on the lip color being that it was National Lipstick Day.

Everyday is National Lipstick Day to me so be unique and try something different you may just like it!!!


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