Aug 4, 2015


Periscope is a new platform app that is connected to twitter that allows you to create your voice in LIVE form creating an LIVE experience. SO YUP is a live video streaming app made for IOS and Android. Twitter purchased the app in March of 2015. In March 26, 2015 Twitter officially launched Periscope for both IOS & Android. 

It is fresh on the market and like Instagram and when they launched the video feature PERISCOPE has become my latest addiction! What I love about Periscope it allows you to see the world in real time video form and connect with so many people around the world! I feel I'm traveling through Periscope travels.

 ~PERISCOPE SAID IT... " A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video can take you someplace and show you around. "

I've personally met so many people through this platform. Periscope allows you to expose who you are in live form and there is NO EDITS, NO FILTERS, it's just YOU. And that's what I love about it.
Well let's get to the party. 

One of the Periscopers that I met through another Periscoper hosted a #PParty also known as a Periscope Party this past Monday, August 5, 2015 at the Aloft Hotel by the Galleria

I was able to screen capture this image from my Periscope video. 

This party allowed us to see the face behind the scope and network and also learn more about periscope in a casual informal way. We laughed, SCOPED! We have two new members that came out to the scope party that are now addicted to the SCOPE world!

There were drinks, cupcakes, food, and giveaways! 

Here is a close up of these cute periscopecakes!

I won the first giveaway! You know your girl was excited right???!!!! I never really win anything. In the back was this nice notebook to organize my peri-thoughts on paper! I've already started jotting down my notes.

MrsJetSetter also known as APRIL also gave away more prizes not only to the attendees but to her followers on Periscope! AWESOME RIGHT???

APRIL sharing tips to new scoper  & Fashion Blogger Jasmine Berry also known as Spookieloo.

As I said I learned so much about Periscope and I'm ready to put the information I learned to work. I've already have! I also got to get selfies with everyone and a few silly photos.

 APRIL @MrsJetSetter (Periscope Name) & I

 Tyonne, The Eye & I! Be sure to follow Tyonne on Periscope at @iTyonne

One time for my Selfie!

Welcome new Scoper Ulelia! Follow her on periscope @uleliac

Welcome new Scoper @spookieloo92 also known as Jasmine Berry! Follow her.

I would like to thank April for setting up this intimate social party! I enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one which should be 2-3 weeks from now! And hope to see more people. The next one will be hosted on a Sunday so more people can come out.

Thank you all for stopping by to read. If you are in Houston and interested in being a part of this social site but have questions come out to the next event. And don't forget to...

Follow me on Periscope under @onlinewithfaith or you can type my name "Faith Haller" and you will find me.

INSTAGRAM | @faithhaller
TWITTER | @onlinewithfaith


  1. Wow, this sounds like it was a blast! Periscope is on fire right now and this is a fun way to learn and create content at the same time! Do you have to be a member to attend the parties?

    1. Hey Tracie, first off thank you for stopping by. No you do not have to be a member to come. This event is going to be monthly, It's just a way to network and have fun and get to know one another. So you are definitely welcome to come anytime.



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