| Why I Joined Houston African American Bloggers

Sep 2, 2015 | Why I Joined Houston African American Bloggers

It's been so much going on in America in the African American community it's so important for us to come together in love and support for one another. For the past year I've been in search of a good support group dedicated for our people for countless of reasons. You see Blogging groups for the latino community and they are so supportive of one another. You see it for the caucasian community and many more communities and I wondered was there one for the African American community and if there weren't one I would create one. Fortunately I found +Houston AA Bloggers from google. At the time I'm unsure if the site was up but it led me to the Facebook group and I seen a few of my fellow blogger friends on there.

I am now a member of the Houston African American Bloggers group for these reasons

1. I want to support something celebrating our community. As african americans we've been told we can't do anything, we are not respected, we are overlooked.  I wanted to celebrate us and why we are important. I wanted to be around successful and driven individuals in our community, I wanted to show my support to other african american bloggers and entrepreneurs in the industry. I wanted to show people that we can come together and support one another and not be selfish, not be "ghetto", we can be professional, we don't fight all the time like those women from RHWOA. We have so many negative things said about us because we are known to be many of these things but I can say +Houston AA Bloggers group is none of those negative things that I listed. Houston African American Bloggers group is about love, support, & community. There is no room for selfishness in that group

2. This year I've been so focused on my business as a Beauty/Fashion Blogger I wanted to be around women like me that has experienced what I'm experiencing now and are where I want to be. Inspiring African American women

Since I've been in this group I've learned so much in the past 1-1/2 months I've been in there. I've dedicated my time to my business and they push me daily to do better. I understand my worth just as much now then I've did last year. I share things in the group and learn from them and vice versa. We all give something to the group and all benefit from the group. Being in a blogging group that doesn't only cater to the beauty and fashion industry I think has strengthened the quality of my content. This is why I am a part of the Houston African American group. 

If you're a blogger in Houston and would like to become a part of this community you must 1. Have an active blog or start one now. You have to make that move because Vernetta will ask for your blog or if you plan on starting one now she may require one from you within a certain time. Here is the website 

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