Nov 24, 2015


Thanksgiving has to be my top fav holiday of the year because I just love the meaning behind it and I love Fall! So anything related to the Fall season just warms my spirit! It's the chance to spend time with family and reflect on life and the things you are thankful and grateful for. YES you should be reflecting daily but let's me honest it's days like Thanksgiving that automatically gets you in the spirit of being grateful. I've been blogging for the same amount of time I've been a makeup artist in the industry. I would say  it's about 7+ years in the industry and 10+ years outside of the industry and I'm thankful for the platform to share my gift in a broad way. It has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone because many don't know this but I was once EXTREMELY shy and fearful of many things relating to life. My blog has opened so many opportunities and has pushed me beyond my comfort zone. It has allowed me to meet GREAT people, collaborate with many people and has opened the doors of amazing opportunities! I never planned or even imagined ANY of this at it's magnitude, but God has given me favor. Because I guarantee you it wasn't by my own might but only through Jesus Christ was I able to achieve the things I did in a short amount of time. This blog has inspired me when I had no motivation other then my joy for writing & sharing about the beauty/fashion industry!

This year has been a rollercoaster for me because I've been rebuilding my brand and business and in the midst of rebranding myself so much has happened this year. It has shaken my faith a bit. This was the time I needed the most support in my life. Because of this blog it has allowed me to build a closer bond with fellow bloggers and get to know them deeper. Collaborating and meeting other bloggers has given me that sense of balance that I needed in my life!

For the past 2 years I've noticed a gradual jump in my blog and how it has grown tremendously. Being nominated last year and this year as Best Beauty Blog/Vlog for 2014 & 2015 has shown that my hard work is paying off and my blog is being noticed and people do respect my craft. And that right there means the world to me. It brightens my day DAILY. 

As I've mentioned This blog has opened doors that I didn't think was possible or I wasn't even looking for. It has allowed me to do event planning, work with brands, educators, it has allowed me to cover events, be a brand rep and brand ambassador, fashion merchandising. It has allowed me to tap back into Interior Design, photography, I've modeled (YES I said it "MODELED), I became a public speaker, I've interviewed so many educators (AND LORD KNOWS I WAS FEARFUL OF THAT)...

This platform has given me credibility and has allowed me to tap into so many things and step out on FAITH. And I'm definitely thankful for all the people that has invested time and knowledge into training me, believing in me, allowing me to reach my fullest potential as a expert in the beauty fashion industry but overall as a BUSINESS WOMAN! All the things I've done in my years of being in the industry is not me boasting but me being so grateful because it could been anyone else but God has allowed me to follow my love and passion and through my love and passion I'm able to connect with so many BOMBSTERS! They are so awesome to me! I wish I could share every photo of people that have touched my life. 

I wouldn't have been able to do half the things I've mentioned if it wasn't for God! But I'm thankful for all my family, friends and love ones that was there in the process of me being molded! I still have a long way to go but I'm more excited about my journey then anything else. And I hope next year to be able to share the wealth of knowledge that I have built up in me.

" I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." - Phil. 4:13

This is a Bloggers Linkup created by Beauty and the Pitch and this was my story! I would love for you to check out these ladies stories who also participated in the Bloggers Linkup! 

The Pace   


  1. Faith! Your story is so inspirational and its amazing to see you build a business. It's hard work but what I love the most about you is that you take time to be thankful and thank God for the opportunties. Absolutely loving!

    Thanks for participating in BATP's Blogsgiving and sharing your story


  2. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as well! :]! I can be pretty shy too, but I feel like my blog has also opened lots of doors of opportunities for me! Looks like you had an awesome year, and congrats on that nomination! <3

  3. Amazing how many doors blogging has opened for you in so many areas of life. Your humble outlook is inspiring!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Love this faith! Love your honesty. xoxo, Nicole. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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