| SPICE VOXBOX: Botanics Hydrating Day Cream

Jan 18, 2016 | SPICE VOXBOX: Botanics Hydrating Day Cream


I received yet another voxbox from influenster to try out and I think this was the biggest one I received in 2015! So yes I was a bit excited! In this box I received...

Not Your Mother’s – Whip it Up Styling Mousse
Foot Petals – 3/4 insoles cushion for shoes
Good Health – All Natural Chips
Sinful colors- Sinful Shine Gel Tech Nail polish 
Yogi Tea – Vanilla Spice & Sweet Tangerine 
Botanics -Hydrating Day Cream 81% Organic
Soap Box –  Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

Real talk the first thing I whipped out was this day cream by +bootsbeautyusa . Being I am a avid fan of Botanics I was pretty excited that I had this to add to my Botanics collection. 

There 3 reasons why I love this cream and why I feel it's effective and you should get it...
1. Its a  day cream that does it's job. It's meant to hydrate the skin. It gives your skin what it needs in the day time and that is hydration. That's really all the skin needs other then spf. It's not overly oily or does not make you feel like you have a bunch of gunk on your face. It's a light hydrating moisturizer. It works and everyone should have a day cream.
2. It's 81% ORGANIC - I don't know what the other 19% may be and maybe I do know. I'm pretty sure some synthetic ingredient. But none of that 19% matters because it's 81% ORGANIC lol. #WeWIN
3. It smells wonderful. I love a fresh smelling moisturizer. Not anything overbearing and perfumeish but just fresh like your skin is in heaven kind of fresh. 
BONUS: It is for all skin types! It seems to be very thick and at first glance possibly oily but it is none of those things. As I mentioned before it goes on very lightly and absorbs into the skin. And for those with oily skin it helps to balance out the reproduction of oil on the skin. So it's a perfect formula. And it's great for sensitive skin.
#bootsbeautyusa #BotanicsOrganic

Interested in this product? They are available in +Target , Any +bootsbeautyusa in select Walgreens (Check online) or you can go on their website

Not Your Mother’s Whip it Up Styling Mousse

 This has to be my favorite mousse since going relaxed. It comes out like whip cream and almost smells like vanilla. It's not harsh at all on the hair. I use it to lay dow my edges. As you can see on the photo. Since I was sent this product I've seen it in Target, Walgreens and Big Lots. So at least I know now where to go.

Good Health Veggie Stix All Natural Chips

When I first seen these chips I admit I was hesitant in trying them because most times when you say "all natural" or "gluten free" things tend to taste odd and lacking in taste. These chips are 50% less in fat then potato chips. And is produced through natural veggies which explains the coloring. They include sea salt. These chips contain...

2-1/2 Cups of Broccoli - 25% of Vitamin A
3-1/2 Beets - 25% of Vitamin C
5 Tomatoes - 15% Vitamin E
7 Cups of Spinach Leaf - 20% Vitamin BG
2 Carrots - 20 % of Vitamin K

WOW Amazing right?! All of these things are in these chips and are extremely healthy for you. Funny thing is Beets I wouldn't eat raw or cooked but I would have never known I was eating beets. And with the sea salt it is a healthier table salt because it contains a great amount of healthy minerals and its considered a natural ingredient. If I see these in places like whole foods I would consider purchasing it.

Foot Petals 3/4 Insoles Shoe Cushion 
These soles can be used with candles or pumps but I chose the particular shoes because these shoes tend to leave my feet because although its my size they are extremely loose on my feet and I always felt like I was going to fall because of lack of support. These shoes lifted my feet where the shoes could support my feet preventing it from slipping forward... and not only did it add more grip power but it added more comfort for my feet which is the goal. 

This sole has a thin adhesive strip.


Sinful Shine is a 2 step system that includes the Color with Gel Tech + Top Coat. I applied 2 coats of the color. The color is highly pigmented with just one coat but I went on and did two coats. After letting it set for 1 minute I went over it with my top coat to give that added shine and wear. I love this system because you don't need a gel lamp. It's simple and it dries fast. Would I purchase this again? Yes. I'm not much of a DIY nail girl but I do like color on my toes and because it's harder for me to get to a nail shop working 12 hr shifts this saves me time and money.

Yogi Tea Vanilla Spice & Sweet Tangerine 

I was sent two tea samples with a sweet and spicy blend. This tea is a botanical blend. I only had the opportunity to try one so far.

I had a chance to kick off my new year with the Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy. Unfortunately I was in a rush and didn't have time to put honey in it because I was leaving from out of town so I drunk the tea raw with no sweetener. I can't tell you my thoughts other then it was bland. Did it give me positive energy? Maybe so I was in a chippy mood that day but then again it was New Years. So who knows. I'll they the Vanilla Spice soon and give you all an update.

Soap Box  Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

I also received the full sized samples of @soapbox and conditioner. The first time I used this I used it on my wigs because at the time I was still natural and I just couldn't bring myself to detangle through my hair. It totally revived my short wig. Then I got my relaxer and a couple of weeks after I decided to wash my hair with the shampoo and conditioner and I got to see how it truly worked on my hair. I kind of regret washing my hair because it was very dry and brittle almost as if I was still natural. I do love the scent though so they did a great job with that. I think that this shampoo is a great clarifying shampoo. I personally wouldn't opt for shampoo for my hair because I prefer moisture or if I do I will use a shampoo that's a lot more moisturizing. A thing I do love about this brand is for every bottle you purchase a community gets clean water and that is so amazing. You feel like you helping someone while spending money on yourself. #SoapEqualsHope

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