Mar 28, 2016


Get ready to kick off your shoes & relax your feet... You might not have to do a heavy clean this month on the house, next month...or the following months.

shutterstock_225967027.jpg created this amazing contest campaign called #myfreetime where you can win FREE monthly house cleaning for an entire year!!!


That’s right, every month for 12 months, you’ll have your own personal house keeper come to the house and get it spic and span for FREE.

Nothing’s better than resetting the month with a clean house. Click here to Enter

Now I know what you’re thinking who is Trust I asked the same question when they reached out to me.

Maid N Houston is a startup created by two UofH grads who were tired of constantly having to chase down their own housekeepers. Between the poor communication, and overall lack of accountability they were getting with the various people that they hired in the past they just became fed up.

So, they created their own housekeeping service, putting a premium on the things that people actually want: Great Communication (they have their own operators and automatic emails); Accountability (every cleaning the cleaners leave a checklist of what was completed so you’re never guessing what was done) and most importantly flat rate pricing based off the number of bedrooms you have, the only way the price will go is down never up!

But enough about those guys, What you really came here for is that free housekeeper right??? So here's what you need to do.

It’s super easy, all you do is click this link here >>> (FREE HOUSE CLEANING) and you register with your email address and it puts you in the raffle.

BUT what’s cool about this raffle is that you can get more entries by doing various things such as:
  • Sharing the contest with your friends
  • Following MaidnHouston on twitter
  • Shoot, you get 25 extra entries just for booking a house cleaning.

All in all there are 10 different ways for you to add to your entries :).

And since the guys over at MaidnHouston are pretty cool (they begged me to put that line in), they want to give you 5 extra entries just for commenting on this post.

  1. At the end of this go down and leave a comment.
  2. Register for the contest by clicking the link
  3. Copy and paste your comment under the “Comment on a Contest Blog Post”
  4. Do a happy dance!

Enjoy the rest of the week guys!

P.S. Don't forget sharing is caring and at guess what you're benefiting from sharing.

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