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May 16, 2016 | All Lashes On Deck with PÜR Cosmetics Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara

Great Mascaras are hard to come by! Can we agree on that ladies? I like to compare mascara to a good pair of shoes because all shoes although we may see a dupe pair of our favorite shoes they don't fit the same, they don't wear the same, and they may not last the same. There are things that we look for when investing in a product. And that is QUALITY for the most part!

When I received this mascara  in the mail from +Pur Cosmetics  I will admit, I was a bit excited and yet skeptical... ( JUST A LITTLE BIT), because I've tried many of PÜR's products but I've never tried any of their mascaras. I've become a hoarder of mascaras because it has made its way into my everyday looks. Mascara is something I must have to take my lashes from basic to VA-VA-VA-VOOM! I find it to be a bit unrealistic at least for myself to wear false lashes on a daily.  So when I'm searching for that perfect mascara I look for... 

  • Formula
  • Length
  • Thickness
  • Separation
  • Packaging
I know, I know! The packaging should not be as important but realistically, it plays a role in whether I'm going to purchase the mascara or not, especially if I can't try the mascara ahead of time. So I have to base my judgement on what it claims to do and the packaging. 

PÜR Cosmetics Full Charged Magnetic Mascara is a natural bristle brush that is said to use magnetic polymers to instantly grab onto the lashes defining, adding volume, curling,  lifting  and separating the lashes.

Per +Pur Cosmetics  "this anti-aging mascara contains a revolutionary positively charged matrix that attracts to each individual lash to strengthen, thicken, lengthen and separate for unparalleled performance. It is fortified with provitamin B5 and biotinoyl tripeptide-1 to help prevent lash loss. It also has carnauba and beeswax to define lashes all day"

In the world of mascaras, we see a lot of advertisements from brands  claiming so many promising things about their mascaras, and sad to say between the false advertisements with ladies wearing dramatic lashes in a mascara commercial and the claims that are being made about the mascaras capabilities you don't know what to believe. I ask all the time why are they advertising mascara with ladies wearing lashes????  That's false advertisement! Til this day I don't understand it no matter how many times it's explained to me. You can't make me understand it.

Does +Pur Cosmetics Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara live up to its name??? Scroll Down to see!

When we hear the word "ANTI-AGING", it sells and gets women like myself spending a great deal of money to maintain our youth. It's common to hear of anti-aging skincare products but MASCARA? It's not as common. But that doesn't mean anti-aging mascara doesn't exist.

REALITY: It's normal for lashes to shed just like the hairs on our head. However if your lashes are coming off by force or because of lack of moisture leaving them dry, brittle and unhealthy that is not good. 

So the question of the day is... Can Mascara be Anti-Aging???

Despite what some may believe, Mascara can have anti-aging benefits. Anything that keeps your lashes healthy, strong and moisturized while lengthening, thickening and separating the lashes I believe it could be anti-aging. If we really want to get technical, hair can age. That's why grey hair exists lol. *crickets* 

Let's be honest ladies...
When we don't take care of the hair strands, in general, we can cause the hair to break or even come out from the root. So that's why we moisturized the scalp and hair strands to keep it full and healthy.  And the things we eat can affect how healthy our hair is. 

+Pur Cosmetics  Fully Charge claims to have Pro Vitamin B5 in it which is an ingredient that has been used in hair products for years! It functions as a humectant, (which I've talked about quite a bit on this blog) instantly conditioning the hair. It's an "Anti-Stress Vitamin" that improves the elasticity of the hair strand. 

There are more proven benefits for skin with Pro-Vitamin B5 than it is with hair.

It also mentioned biotinoyl tripeptide-1 which is used quite often in eyelash growth serums such as Lilash and Cargo. It is actually the main ingredient used for alopecia patients. Studies have shown that biotinoyl tripeptide-1 increases hair growth, strengthens and thickens hair. 

+Pur Cosmetics  Fully Charged Mascara is moisturizing and left my lashes strong and non-flakey. My lashes are naturally curly, I have no problem with my lashes curling but because my lashes are so short it's harder to see a difference with the length . 

From left to right you can see a difference with my lashes. They appear to be defined, thicker with more volume and extended. 
This mascara retails for $22.00 and can be found inside +ULTA Beauty, +Kohl's  and on their website

My final verdict... I love this mascara! I reach for it all the time and it has made it into my basic/daily routine. It does exactly what it says it suppose to do. I haven't noticed any growth but who cares about that. As long as I'm seeing immediate results I'm good. It conditions the lashes and my lashes does appear to be healthy and less fragile. I keep this mascara in my makeup bag and when I need to get in and out and want a polished look I reach for this mascara.

What all-in-one mascara are you currently loving right now??? 


  1. Wow, I must try this mascara. Also always love your makeup, it's always so stunning and the colors that you use are always perfect. I wish we were closer so you could teach me some awesome tricks.

    Berty Morales
    Mad For Fashion For Less!

    1. Hey Berty, thank you for stopping by and than you so much for the compliment! I can still teach tricks even if we're a distance away. :D

  2. The mascara looks great but that price is pretty steep! I will check them out since you say it's good !

    1. Yes I guess it depends on what you're willing to spend on mascara because high-end brands range around that price and higher. Like a comparable mascara to this is Too Faced Better Than Sex which is a dollar more then this mascara. But there are drugstore mascaras out there that are great.

  3. Mascara shopping is the worst! Probably why I've been using the same Clinique one for several years now! I never thought of mascara having the ability to by anti-aging. Interesting!

    1. Yea I had my hit and misses with mascara! Which is why I have a ton of mascaras but I only use about 4 of them. Yea that never crossed my mind but it makes much sense. It's like protein treatment. Protein strengthens the hair and it allows it grow and not fall out.

  4. Mascara help with anti-aging?! That's interesting! Thanks for sharing another great makeup review :)

    1. I know sounds odd right???! It still does to me but I think of it in terms of dry and brittle hair. When you moisturize it consistently, the hair strands starts to strengthen, and with moisture comes growth. Thank you for stopping by Heather! :D

  5. Nice post. I'm sharing it with my daughter. She will love it.

  6. First I completely agree that packaging is a factor in my mascara purchases. This was very interesting to read about! I had no idea there was anti-aging mascara! It looks gorgeous on you, I'll definitely have to check them out.

    1. Yea me either! A lot of things I though was just a marketing ploy but learning about the ingredients and when you start to analyze everything it makes much sense that mascara can have anti-aging benefits.

  7. That mascara looks awesome. I love the shade of the brush I feel it would get new angles on the eyelash..if you know what I mean. Very nice job.

  8. I definitely need to try this! Thank you!! :)

  9. Haha Faith - I'm a mascara hoarder, too! Glad to know there are many of us out there lol. This mascara looks great on you. I'll have to check them out. Also, I'm sure you get compliments all of the time but your makeup is on point!!




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