Faith Haller Collaborates With The Makeup Show Dallas & The Perfect Face

Sep 15, 2016

Faith Haller Collaborates With The Makeup Show Dallas & The Perfect Face

Photography By JW Photography.

Reminiscing on one of my favorite collaborations with The Makeup Show Dallas + The Perfect Face! I will never forget the day. That year I wanted to focus on newer brands that are in Houston that will be featured at The Makeup Show Dallas. I normally always host James Vincent events in Houston who is the Director of Education & Artist Relationships at The Makeup Show Dallas. I had a strong feeling that merging these two together in one room would be the best collaboration I put together. 

When I first met Danielle Doyle the founder & chief of The Perfect Face  it felt like I've known her for years. I wasn't expecting to speak to her when I initially reached out to her company. I don't know what I was expecting but I was a bit optimistic when I contacted them and they were so pleasant. Danielle Doyle is so many things in my eyes! A Southern Belle, that's classy with a beautiful spirit like none other! I'm so glad that we connected and stay connected. 


The Makeup Show Dallas is all about creating long lasting relationships and gave me the platform to connect with other brands. The event was hosted outside of the headquarters of The Perfect Face in this beautiful sunroom Atrium!

Me Conversing with Danielle Doyle & Helping her setup.

Event Chairs,Tables & Linen were provided by @The Perfect Touch.

Beautiful Floral Arrangements were provided by +Flowers by Nino 

Food & Drinks Provided By Me, Judy & Alaysha

The goal of this event was to introduce James VIncent to the Artist of Houston who was not familiar with who James Vincent was and to collaborate with one of the newer brands that would be not only a vendor at the show but one of the featured educators at the show. 

I talk about James periodically on this blog but even with that I knew a lot of artist were clueless on who James Vincent was and that was the purpose of this collaboration. I knew once he took the floor he would totally warm the hearts of all of the artists in the room. James Vincent is the Director of Education & Artistry for +TheMakeupShowNY , +The Powder Group  and the WWD Beauty Inc Award Winning +Ardency Inn. James has worked with makeup lines and makeup artist at all levels of the industry. James has worked under every genre of the beauty industry for many years such as...Film and theatre, television and celebrity work, editorial and runway work and has done and continues to do training and product development positions for companies such as MAC, Stila, Armani, YSL and Make Up For Ever. 

"I DO MAKEUP" Necklace from The Makeup Show Dallas | James Vincent & I
James touched on some points about The Makeup Show Dallas and why artist should invest in their careers and not only that but support the show. The Makeup Show Dallas is the largest pro-driven show geared for professionals who work in the beauty & fashion industry or provide jobs for the beauty & fashion industry.  The Makeup Show Dallas has so much to offer such as:

  • EDUCATION - Education is the key to success and in order to be at the top of your game in this industry you must learn from the best. The Makeup Show house the best in the industry. The educators that come out are CEO's of many of the beauty & fashion brands we love today! They've worked on celebrities and clients we dream of working on. They know the business so they're qualified to teach the business. They know what it takes to be successful in this industry because they've been there and still there. 
  • COMMUNITY - There is no community like The Makeup Show community. You are surrounded by Beauty & Fashion Professionals & Insiders. What I love about this community is everyone has their own story. Everyone come from different walks but we all have one purpose and that is to learn, grow, unite & strengthen this industry. Either way you're in good company. The Makeup Show is like a family. 
  • NETWORK - The Makeup Show make it possible for you to not only network with your fellow peers but the brand execs and CEOS of the brands that you love. Networking is all about building relationships that are meaningful and these are the people that you want to connect & network with because these are the people that will get you these jobs, these are the people that have the connection to take you to point A to point B. These are the people that know the ins & out to the industry. And Also networking with your fellow peers is what The Makeup Show is about. Being Intentional on your goals and who you decide to network with. 
  • ARTISTRY - This is the time you want to invest in yourself & refine your skills by taking the exclusive hands-on workshops and seminars. This is the time to invest because you're getting the information you need at a major discount compared to if you were paying for the class outside of The Makeup Show.  You never know what doors that experience can open up for you.
  • INSPIRATION - Need a boost of inspiration to get you started on your brand The Makeup Show Dallas is it! From the Education, to the hands-on workshops, seminars, keynote forums, focus series, community & artistry there is Inspiration all around you to push you further in your career! And the atmosphere is just FUN! 
We had a big turn out!

Danielle also talked about The Perfect Face and the seminar she would be teaching at the show which was about makeup for pageants.  She also set up a booth at the collaboration event and gave 10% off for the artists that was there. And we sold tickets for The Makeup Show Dallas.

Overall this collaboration was a success! If it wasn't for The Makeup Show Dallas these opportunities probably wouldn't have existed. 

I'm no public speaker. I left that to Alaysha!

At the end we had a Beauty Mixer where we networked, ate, took pictures and had a little fun.

Shout out to these two ladies Alaysha & Judy! They are the best!
I would like to thank Danielle Doyle for being so easy to talk to and collaborate with! I would like to thank the guys at The Makeup Show Dallas for always keeping me in the forefronts of their minds. And BIG THANKS to Judy & Alaysha who are always there and equally contribute their time. This event right here would not have been what it was if it wasn't for you all!

Are you coming to The Makeup Show Dallas? Comment Below & Let Me Know If You Will Be There and what you are looking forward to.

Would you like to come but in need of more information? Shoot me an email and I will answer all of your questions and direct you to the right spot. 

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