#TECHTUESDAY: The Fastest Way To Add Multiple Hashtags For Instagram

Oct 25, 2016

#TECHTUESDAY: The Fastest Way To Add Multiple Hashtags For Instagram

Introducing #TECHTUESDAY where I increase your productivity by sharing some of my favorite Tips & Tricks.

Today's topic is on #Hashtags! As a Business Entrepreneur that work not only in the beauty & fashion industry but I've also worked in the Branding & Marketing industry and hashtags is one of the best ways to getting you seen. 

Last month I attended a 3-Day Business Conference by +Michele Scism  called DECIDE • ACT • PROFIT | THE BUSINESS ACCELERATOR. As usual when I'm either covering an event as a blogger or I'm there to learn I'm doing several things. I'm tweeting, snapchatting, fbooking & instagramming  and of course when you're at a conference you have to be able to move fast and have your hashtags set already. I have all of my hashtags set in my notes but even that's not fast enough. So I found this #TechTip that I've been using for over a year now that's not only savvy but this tip & trick will maximize your time as a Business Entrepreneur, Increase Your Productivity & Make You Look Like A Pro Speedster. 


If you currently own an iPhone there are keyboard shortcuts built into the operation system. (SORRY ANDROID USERS) If you find yourself typing the same phrases or words then this tip will save you a ton of time and increase your productivity. My most typed shortcuts are my hashtags and my website. All it takes is three syllable taps to activate the phrases. Example if I'm typing in my hashtags for "BeautyBloggers" I have my shortcut set to #BeautyBloggers and the moment I type in just 3 letters of the shortcut all of my hashtags under #BeautyBloggers pop up. 

So you want to know  how to build your own hashtag shortcut? 

Type out all of your Hashtags in your notes and label your set. This will help you organize every thing and one my tips to maximizing your time so you can just copy & paste your shortcut into the settings.

STEP 2: 
Go to Settings and then tap the General option:

Scroll down to find the Keyboard option:

Find the Text Replacement option.

If you have a phone older than a 6S it may be called "Shortcuts" instead of text replacement.

Choose the + symbol to add a new shortcut or search for any current ones using the search field. 

Type in the word or phrase you want to create with your shortcut in the first line. I have some shortcuts that are 30 words. But your shortcuts can be as long as you want it to be. If you have a really long shortcut phrase then create it in a different program on the phone (Notes, Evernote) and then copy and paste it into this field. You can even create it on your computer and email it to yourself if that’s easiest. 

You don’t have to enter a shortcut at all because IOS is smart enough to pick up what you are typing. But I would encourage you to do so if you're an entrepreneur to maximize time and increase your productivity!
Let me know your thoughts on my first #TECHTUESDAY Tip &Tricks & let me know how this shortcut works out for you. Maybe I will come out with a Android version. Is there anything you feel you would like to learn and want me to feature it on my blog tutorial style? Shoot me a DM message on my Instagram: @faithhaller with your suggestions. 

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