Oct 19, 2016


Hey family that's correct is making some changes and I'm excited that you are a part and get to see these changes!

Earlier this year I rebranded everything including my logo, my media kit, resume, and etc! 

Just recently I attended a business conference hosted by +Michele Scism from +Decisive Minds, LLC. which by the way you need to check her out she is one of the best business coaches in the game. And I would like to thank +Grow My Brand for sponsoring my hotel stay and me attending the conference. It was the best thing outside of Jesus that ever happened for my brand. 

Ok back on subject. When attending the business conference I had the biggest AHA moment about my brand itself. Everyday since then I've been taking steps towards my goal and have been working on my brand extremely hard. For those that don't know I have a background in the arts but while I was in school and post graduation, til this day I've trained with one of the best Graphic Designer/Creative Director LaDarwin Cumby founder of Print Lab Store & DCG  and I learned a few things from him over the years and I thank God for the opportunity because he gave me a chance and did my internship when no one would give me a chance as a interior designer. Me knowing what I know today has opened doors for me and created another stream of income in hard times. 

So yesterday I was thinking about my brand and I noticed I wasn't fully branded on my social media pages. Yea you see my logo, header, and that depends on the social account because Instagram wasn't branded like it should have been. The good thing is I've created a brand for myself where people know the information I have to offer and that is the goal. But as someone that talks about knowing who you are and branding yourself accordingly I wasn't fully doing it. I spent all yesterday and all night cleaning up some things. I have a lot to do! But I'm proud to say that I'm going in the right direction through this transition.

My New Updated LOGO

Also I have started a series called #WorkItWednesday which is a series on Snapchat and Insta-Stories where I share tips for business entrepreneurs and owner who are looking to strengthen their brand but either don't know where to start or don't have the budget or you may have the budget but need the direction. I get asked questions on a daily about how to start as a blogger, how to grow your brand, tips on marketing, content writing. I always get asked questions about the beauty & fashion industry because that's what I work ask. As a Image Coach I will share tips on how to present yourself so that you can win and reach your highest potential through how you present yourself on the outside to how your brand represents you. And tips on how to increase your productivity with simple tools that I use daily.

If you are interested in this series and you're an entrepreneur follow me here...

SNAPCHAT: faithhallermua

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