ROMANTIC BRIDAL MAKEUP | A Collab With Nerd & Lace

Jun 30, 2017

ROMANTIC BRIDAL MAKEUP | A Collab With Nerd & Lace

I'm so excited to share an exciting collaboration that I had the pleasure of being a part of that was put together by the amazing Dee Shore of Nerd & Lace.

To tell you a little about Dee Shore beside the fact that she's my friend.  She is the Founder, Editor-in-Chief of Nerd & Lace which is a lifestyle blog based in New York City Area. She is probably one of the most unique individuals I've personally network with. She will tell you that she is a complete nerd. LOL she is! She's a book worm, she love action figures, she loves everything Food, Beauty, Books, DIY, Photography, Fitness and oh yeah Weddings. She has a way with words which explains it all because she is a writer. Overall Dee has the biggest, most colorful heart and I wish everyone could meet her. I met her through a instagram pod and since then we've been friends. I feel like I've known her for years. 

Dee had the idea to put together a Bridal Look Book Inspired Magazine. She came up with the concept and wanted it to be a collaboration with friends. We all met through the pod and amongst everyone we just immediately clicked and became some of the closest friends brought together by social media. When I think about it I feel like we could possibly be compared to the actresses of Sex In The City accept it's 14 of us lol. IMAGINE THAT!

Dee has a huge facination with the wedding industry which inspired this Look Book. In her words 

"I decided to start with Bridal Makeup because although there is a lot of bridal makeup looks out there, just take Pinterest for example, they all look the same. All the same style. All the same colors. All the same bride. But guess what? We are not all the same. And not everyone dreams in white." ~ Nerd & Lace

And  I couldn't agree with her less! There are the unconventional brides, there are brides that get married at a court house and it doesn't involve a formal dress, there are brides with an edgy style. There are so many different brides around the world. There is not just one look and style and you will see that in this bridal makeup look book. I will not be sharing details to this look. You can definitely check out the details inside the Bridal Makeup Look Book that I will be sharing at the end.  

I wanted to share how I managed to pull off these shots. Let me tell you it was definitely a one woman show in my back yard. I was the makeup artist, hairstylist, wardrobe stylist, photographer and editor. It wasn't thought out at all. The makeup and hair was thought out but everything else I had to wing. Mind you I was in the middle of our 4-day Annual Holy Convocation and this day was the only day of the 4-day conference that I wore makeup because the other 3 days I was bare face. I planned it out to at least have my makeup on so as soon as I get home I could stage this shoot. The only thing I applied for this look when I got home was eyeshadow.  And then after the shoot rest for work. YEAH I had to go to work afterwards. I had a pretty busy day.

I went in the closet and was searching for a badazzle top. Initially I was going to do something informal with a lace burgundy top but I changed my mind. I found a badazzled lace silvery tank top. And I said well I don't want to wear it on my shoulders. So I kind of forced the straps down to give the off the shoulders look. Which totally gives that Romantic Bride look, which you see below...

I had some work pants on but that didn't matter because it wouldn't be in the shot either way.
It wasn't hard trying to pull this shot off but it was hard to make it look like it wasn't a SELFIE! Yes these are all selfies that I took on my iphone. No tripod, no selfie stick...Just my hands. 

There was an area with a fence and a bunch of wild greenery in my backyard that separates my house from my next door neighbors house that I started snapping photos at as you see below...

Unedited Photo

I just didn't care for that look so I figured keep it simple. I placed myself along the brick lining of our house and those were the winners. I took about 10-15 shots to get the right ones. 

Production & Post Production is hard work! And this is why everyone should be paid their worth. But that's another topic I won't get on today. 

But I will get on this... this was a post about the behind the scenes action and what it took to get these shots. I want you to know it's hard work but it's definitely not impossible to do it on your own. It just requires more thought. Because I work in this industry and have done photography and photo editing I know how to make it work. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you would like to see the full Look Book which I think you should see. The other ladies look so amazing. I want you to see all of the different styles and makeup. Some of these looks are on youtube also so you can see a tutorial!


Thank you Nerd & Lace for allowing me to be a part of this awesome collaboration!

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