The Perfect Infused Lemonade

Aug 24, 2017

The Perfect Infused Lemonade

The warm weather is still here and at least in Houston it will probably be here for the remainder of this year. This past winter it was hot in Houston so I wouldn't be surprise if its the same this year. But anyway one of the most refreshing ways to quench your thirst and curb your sweet tooth is through  a nice glass  of lemonade. Well this is a play on your ordinary lemonade. And I'll be sharing how I made this delicious Infused Lemonade. 

This lemonade was inspired by Pinterest. What made me want to experiment with this was the fact that I was planning a romantic picnic  and I figured this Mint infused strawberry lemonade would be perfect,  And it was. I was a bit scared of the mint because I know it has a inquiring taste and too much of it can mess up something good. One thing you must know with mint is that a little goes a long way. Mint is almost like salt to me because of don't need a lot of it for it to do it's job. You always know salt when you taste it and mint is the same. Mint should only be there to bring out the flavors

In the Pinterest Inspiration it look like they made homemade lemonade and they added lemon slices. Which I didn't do. I wanted something quick and easy. And literally this can be done n 5-8 minutes. 10 minutes would definitely be pushing it. 


- Mason Jars are quite affordable and can be found in places like Dollar Tree, 99Cent Only Store, or Family Dollar. I got mines from the 99 Cent Only Store for only $1/ea. 
- Your lemonade can be made from scratch or you can do the quick approach and buy your fresh lemonade. I chose Simply Lemonade because it's my ultimate fave and it is still All Natural! 
- Depending on how large your strawberries may be you only need 1-2 strawberries but you are welcome to add as many to your lemonade you desire. I got my strawberries from Krogers.
- Fresh Mint can be found anywhere. Remember a little goes a long way. I also got my mint from Krogers. 

Overall this drink is very refreshing it's great for parties, picnics, networking events and more. Let me know your thoughts on this Infused lemonade!

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