Is Going Fully Digital!

Sep 28, 2017 Is Going Fully Digital!

This weekend has been pretty busy. I was in Dallas for The Makeup Show as the blogger & Brand Ambassador of the show. I have a lot of information to share. But first I'm so excited to share some incredible news... is going digital. 

What does this mean exactly and Why Am I Doing This?  

This wasn't a hard decision to make because it mimics my overall business model, and goal. Over the years I have been a heavy networker which is partially why i have some connections. However as someone who worked in the printing graphics marketing industry for years I know the importance of evolving with the times. I know the importance of being seen and promotion. I know without self promotion you're basically non-existent. Now don't get me wrong. When we talk about Traditional Cards Vs. Digital Cards. Traditional card will always exist! And I'm not saying that I won't use traditional cards because as someone who works in the beauty & fashion industry as a Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger I will still want them when working with some brands or for other reasons. But I'm mostly digital base because my overall goal is to be an internet based company, which for the most part doesn't require me to have a traditional business cards. Also it's important to know your target market so you'll know who is worthy of having your business or social card. We're not meant to network with everyone and it's ok to be picky. Everyone doesn't need my phone number but I'm ok with airdropping my social card to you or emailing it to you.  So if you are mainly an online business where your structure is online base, you network only online then having a digital card may be something that you would opt for right? Why pay for traditional cards if you don't network outside of social media? 

Another reason I decided to go digital is because it's easy for me to design for other people but when it comes to me it's not as easy because I'm always inside of my head a lot. My brand changes so much to constantly buy 1000 business cards or more every time my brand changes is just over the top to me and is not business smart. So going digital is the best way for me because it makes logical sense for my business.

Networking is one of those things if done right it can be fully beneficial for you but I will be the first to tell you it can become draining and consume a lot of time. I was the one that was going to every networking event with my business cards excited to get to know more people. I wanted to network with EVERYONE! Which was great at that time. I also build a social presence which a bulk of my relationships were built online because many of the people that I have great connections with I have never met. But over the time I realized that I needed to be selective on who I devote my time to. Because it really becomes draining when you are networking with no goal in mind. Who are you networking with, Why, and how are they beneficial to your growth. These are things that I asked myself a couple years ago

I KNOW, I KNOW! You probably asking what does this have to do with going digital? It has everything to do with it. When I gained clarity of what I wanted and who I wanted to network with it and how? Basically my why, it gave me focus. 2 Years ago I decided I was not going to go to every networking event just because it's there. I was not going to take on every opportunity just because it's there. I wasn't going to consume my time just because someone say they want to network with me. I decided that I wasn't going to devote time to someone or something that is not going to benefit my growth. Time is important! Time we can not get back! So I refuse to waste my time. So fast forward to 2 weeks I was talking to my mentor who was my previous boss. I worked for his company for years in the Printing, Graphics Marketing & Communication business. So I'm pretty knowledgeable about that industry. I told him I wanted to print out some business cards. I knew how long it took for the business cards to get to me. But as time progress the days went on I was still designing my card. I went through several design concepts which normally takes me 30 minutes at the most to design a two-sided card but for me it was different because I was rebranding everything. I wanted it to be perfect before I spend my money on 1000 cards. Imagine if I printed out the cards and I didn't like them? Now fast forward to today. I gained some major clarity and asked myself this question...

What are your goals Faith??? 
Do you really need physical business cards at this time? 
What if you went digital? 

Going digital & global is not only smart for business but...
  • It Saves You Time
  • It Saves You Money
  • Your branded is no longer dated
  • You can reach a larger audience
  • No need to go out to network unless you really want to. 
But also know that to go digital you must be intentional with your goals and have a set plan so everything can run smoothly in the process. Because it's worse to go through this process and not know what, how and when to go through this process. 

Once you have a plan of how you will go through the process of using the digital card it will make it easier for you. 

What are your thoughts on digital cards? Do you see your business going digital?

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