The Perfect Gourmet Chili For The Winter Season

Jan 2, 2018

The Perfect Gourmet Chili For The Winter Season

I know this may sound weird but I love the winter season but I don't like to be cold but I feel winter is not winter if it's not cold. I don't mind the cold air as long as I don't really have to come out in it and I can stay snuggled up under the fireplace. Does that make sense? No ok lol.
When I think of Winter I think of things like hot cocoa, hot ginger tea, wassail, gumbo, and chili! Today I'm sharing with you how to turn ordinary chili into something with loads of flavor, and loads of color. So sit back, get cozy by your fireplace in your favorite pajamas because I am about to show you how to make the best gourmet chili that will make you kick yourself.

 I make chili all year round but for some reason chili taste better in the fall/winter. The heat flavor or chili and warmth that you get from eating it is just perfect. But it's even the more perfect gourmet style.  I just can not explain the flavors. The best way for you to know is to try out my recipe. Now I'm not going to share how I make my chili. That just wouldn't be right lol.  But I will show you how to turn any ordinary chili whether its can chili or homemade into a gourmet style chili with a abundance of flavor. 

When I blend flavors I blend it base on my taste buds and how I feel. It's like painting to me. Painting is a feeling. So I can't measure it.  There is this chili surprise that my pastor makes that includes cornbread, mexican corn, mexican cheese and of course her chili. Y'all it is AHHHMAZING! Well this was kind of inspired by her chili except I removed the cornbread and I did my own spinoff of it. Now let me tell you something about myself. I don't measure my ingredients. I cook based on feeling. I eyeball everything.  And sometimes I base the amount of ingredients on how I want to present it in front of someone. Anyone that knows me knows that and it has not failed me yet. So don't expect any measurements in this post. 

The Key Ingredients that you will need to transform any ordinary chili to chili with loads of color, loads of flavor and loads presentation is...

Mexican Corn 
Mexican Cheese
Feta Cheese

And this is optional... (Add Rice) But honestly you don't really need it because the corn is your starch so you have your protein, your starch and you have your nutrients from the avocado which is rich in fatty acids. And Garlic helps to lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.

That's it! It's pretty simple. I guarantee you will love it! But If you happen to try this method let me know what you think.

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