Fenty Beauty x Stunna Lip Paint By Rihanna

Feb 21, 2018

Fenty Beauty x Stunna Lip Paint By Rihanna

It’s been a little bit since I’ve done a beauty related post and I think that it was about time to bring on a review because it’s long overdue. So I’m a bit late with this post, like a couple of months late but better late then never right. I first must tell you that this post is sponsored by JCPenny’s and all thoughts are my own as always,  JCPenny’s basically put me up to the $50 challenge during the Christmas holidays and of course I was up to the challenge because I just love a good challenge. It was no secret that I was pretty eager to stop by Sephora because...WHY NOT!? And there were a few things I was interested in checking out that was on my wish list  like Fenty Beauty x Stunna Lip Paint By Rihanna.

Now I’m not one to fall into trying things that’s “trending” or everyone is getting just because but I really was intrigued by this product and since it wasn’t coming out of my pocket...WHY NOT?! Also Rihanna did something that was truly revolutionary for someone who is just entering the beauty world that beauty brands thats been here for decades still haven’t done or mastered She created a brand that caters to all skin tones and complexions and with this lip color  I’ve seen this going all over instagram women of all complexions rocking this beautiful shade of red. So as a woman of color I had to support her and her beauty brand and see if this was something that was overly hyped or worth the hype.  I felt compelled to try it. So let me give you my PROS & CONS which will be my review.

  • Stunna Lip Paint is that perfect red that look great on on everyone of all complexions!
  • Stunna Lip Paint  ( Uncensored) is a comfortable matte finish that doesn’t leave your lips looking like a dried up prune. 
  • The unique applicator allows you to apply an even coat of the lip paint in an effortless way and line the lips at ease. 
  • Has a velvety fill that blurs out fine lines on the lips making the lips appear smooth and seemless 
  • The packackging of the product is stunningly gorgeous & stylish
  • Leaves you feeling sexy
  •      Has a Opaque finish. You don’t have to go over it multiple times to get the pigment that you desire

  • My only issue with this is yes it can last you 24 hours and even with a couple of drinks it will stay on your lips however it can transfer, I’ve had several moments where I accidentally swiped at my lips not hard just slightily and it did shift a little. Which is understandable with the type of formula used. 

But I must say even with the minor transfer that I got the lip paint remained bright and pigmented. Also another thing that I loved about this lip paint is that it didn’t start to fold or break up throughout the day. You know what I’m talking about. I’ve experienced the  crustiness in the inner part of my lips where the lip product would start to crumble and fold uncomfortably on the lips making it look funky and not cute at all. It reminds me of when you doing a refinish on wood and you remove old paint with a product that basically eat up the bind of the paint from the wood surface and the paint looks like it’s chipping and crumbling up. Well Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint does not do that. THANK GOD! 

This Lip Paint retails for $24 which may be steep for some but I think it’s pretty competitive against some high end lip products. I think the price is worth it  and I can definitely justify the price when I think about the quality of the product. That’s really what it’s about. 

Also another thing you must know is that Stunna (Uncensored) Lip Paint is a blue-toned red. On my bare skin I personally feel hat I don’t look good with blue-toned reds. That’s just my opinion. But when I’m made up it’s totally different. I’m going to share some photos with my bare face using Stunna Lip Paint and with a full glammed look. 

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