ELF Cosmetics X Christian Siriano Collection Review

Mar 26, 2018

ELF Cosmetics X Christian Siriano Collection Review

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Elf Cosmetics is known for their affordable products and are easily accessible to women and men around the globe. They can be found in places like Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, HEB and more. I particularly love how Elf has evolved over the last couple of years with the makeup and skincare line. I'm really impressed. They've become one of the most sought after affordable brands. They've really done a great job at reinventing themselves! They have teamed up with so many influencers and have been a part of the biggest fashion show we know which is NYFW. In fact word on the net they sponsored Project Runway Alum Christian Siriano for New York Fashion Week right after the collaboration of his collection with them! Pretty amazing. We all know that Christian Siriano has unique taste and style and it obviously reflects on this beautifully flashy packaging.


Now I've been out of the loop on collaborations and newest beauty collections so when I decided to go into Target a few weeks ago I was not expecting to run into this collection. I can't remember exactly what I went in Target for but I always find myself in the beauty section. So I happen to walk along the end caps of the shelves and ran across this collection that was inspired by his bright, bold and colorful Spring 2018 Collection and I was thrown for the loop. Now I'm a sucker for packaging! Even if the product suck I will buy it just to place on my vanity. Well that part ain't all true but I think being that this packaging was strikingly beautiful and  it seem like it would be worth the shot in trying I took the plunge because I felt anything with Christian Siriano's name on it got to be top notch.

This collection contains 4 fabulous looking items:


Retail Price: $8.00 
Bright and beautiful, this bag inspired by Christian Siriano's Spring 2018 collection is triangular in shape to hold all your beauty essentials.  It can fit your makeup essentials, and can also double as a clutch. This cosmetic bag/clutch is 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free
Retail price: $12.00

Like a bouquet of flowers, this palette is a mix of bold and subtle colors with different textures. Have fun experimenting and creating your own style!

Retail price: $6.00
This is the perfect gloss for a fresh, polished look. pair it with a dramatic eye or keep it soft and subtle you can't go wrong.
- christian siriano

Infused with jojoba, apricot, and vitamin e to nourish and hydrate your lips with each application.

retail price: $6.00
I love a bright lip, and this color adds instant drama to any look! it's bold yet wearable just like my collections.
- christian siriano
Enriched with vitamin e to help nourish and condition the lips. the slim, diamond

Enriched with Vitamin E to help nourish and condition the lips. The slim, diamond shaped applicator gives you flawless application in just one stroke.

Created this look with no base. Just used the eyeshadows And the Christian Siriano Tinted Lip Oil.

My personal thoughts on this palette...I think considering that this palette is from ELF it's decent and workable. It does have a bit of a chalky texture some chalkier than others but it's workable if you know what you are doing. It's important to know that when swatching with the finger you're always going to get a stronger pigmentation than with brushes because of the oils from the fingers acts as a binding base. Below I share swatches with my fingers. 
Not bad right? So many times applying the eyeshadow with your fingers work well because you pull up the pigmentation of the colors. . You may notice that some of the shadows are patchy. The matte shades are a bit more chalkier in texture than the shimmers but it's not much of a shocker. I think its a bit expected with this palette. I think this is a pretty decent finger swatch for this palette.

Now although this palette comes with a brush applicator I used a flat synthetic fiber brush to swatch these shades. Synthetic brushes tends to hold the pigment better than natural hair fiber brushes because they don't soak up the product. So the technique would be to press the product into the skin and blend out the edges where it's needed. 

Another tip is to use a tacky base underneath to hold the pigment. ELF has some pretty dope base colors that you can use in compliment to this palette. 


They also have the...



These base will add intensity to the shadows and also texture that the shadow can bind to. 

 The Matte Lip Stick is very pigmented and I love the diamond shaped applicator which I feel is needed for this lipstick because not only does it gives more of an even coverage on the lips but it makes the application process easier.  What I didn't care for is the color on me. That's just personal preference. Keep in mind that texture on the lips can effect the way the product applies. So you may want to prep your lips if you have a bit more texture on it. And on myself it did start to lift in the inner parts of the mouth which makes me uncomfortable. I may have a different story if I use a lip primer underneath.

The Lip Tint Oil has a standard doe foot applicator which I would have preferred the Diamond Shape Applicator because I like how it applies better but that's just personal preference. This is perfect for dramatic looks and for the spring and summer, This is probably my fav from the collection.

Overall I think this collection is strikingly beautiful which is the main reason I bought it. And I think because it's almost like a limited edition it explains the price. I think as for quality The collection look very expensive which could also explain why the price may be higher than most ELF products. I think that the products are decent enough to give it a try. If you are new to makeup I'd definitely suggest getting the base that I suggested to pair with the shadow. If you don't see it inside Target it is available on Target Online. Check your local Target.


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