The Best Sunscreen For Face

Apr 30, 2018

The Best Sunscreen For Face

How many of us love the sun but not the effects of it? (Raising Hands) And how many of you wear sunscreen daily? I know if you are an entrepreneur, mom-preneur or just plain ole busy it's hard to maintain the skin let along your life. But if you care anything about yourself and the future you consider my advice when I say include sunscreen in your routine. 

In my opinion, next to cleaning your skin, exfoliating your skin, toning your skin & applying serum to skin...This would be the next important. Because it's all great and dandy to do all the things that I listed but if you're not protecting your skin you're doing a disservice to yourself. It's almost like you're wasting time doing all the other steps. So Aunty Faith has brought you some of her top favorite sunscreens for the face that you must consider adding to your regimen.
First I think it's important to explain WHY sunscreen is so important and the benefits of it. As we get older what happens? If we are human we age. Some age a bit faster than others but we all age. Sunscreen acts as a shield protecting our skin from the harmful UV rays that penetrate every time your skin is exposed to the sun. These harmful rays can eventually cause internal damage but they can also cause external damage, like skin cancer, and most of all premature aging such as fine lines & wrinkles. It decreases the collagen of the skin which basically means you lose elasticity of the skin. It darkens age spots or acne scarring. These are just some of the reasons why sunscreen is so important to wear. It is our shield of protection no matter what color we are we are not exempt from sun damage & aging. 
Today I have a roundup of the best sunscreens to wear on the face which offer the necessary UV protection with a lightweight & non-sticky, silky sheer finish and that's not oily. Some of these have a higher count than others. The longer you are in the sun the higher the count needs to be. If you are in the sun for a bit you need to at minimal wear a sunscreen of 30 minimum. But you will notice that I have a couple of 15's on the list. These are only if you are not out in the sun for that long. You just need a bit of coverage. Like if you're going to the grocery store and back home. Ok here's my round up.

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