The Loreal Beauty Event | Recap

Apr 6, 2018

The Loreal Beauty Event | Recap

I recently had the pleasure of teaming up with Loreal Professional as their Beauty Expert for 2 weeks inside HEB to celebrate the launch of two beauty items.... Their Colour Riche Shine Lipstick and they're Voluminous X Fiber Mascara.  And what an amazing experience! I rarely get the opportunity to share my experience because I'm normally working and it's really hard for me to capture the experience as I'm working but I managed to get a few photos Along the way. 

HEB OFF Katy Freeway
HEB on San Felipe & Fountainview

So a little about the products that I was promoting that day the main feature of the event was the Demo of the Colour Riche Shine Lipsticks. 

These Lipsticks are very intense in pigment and has a radiant shine. What makes them unique is although they have a lacquered glossy finish it does not leave your lips feeling sticky. In fact it almost feels like you have nothing on because this lipstick contains 60% more oils than the traditional lipstick. It feels more like a lip conditioner than a lipstick. Also they are ridiculously creamy which explains how they feel on the lips. 

This lipstick is available in 16 luminous, high definition shades.

Can you see how pigmented these shades are??!!! Beautiful shade on her complexion also.

  • Apply Starting at the center of the upper lip.
  • Work from the center to the outer edges of lips, following the contour of the mouth.
  • Finish by gliding across the entire bottom lip.



Step 1: Black Primer

Step 2: Fiber Mascara

The X Fiber mascara is a two-step mascara with 20X more fibers for lengthening + volume. This mascara includes a black primer to build intense volume and color and a mascara infused with fibers to lengthen the lashes. This mascara is smudge-proof, water proof and is available in 4 shades. 

  • Start by applying the Black Primer. Be sure you coat every lash
  • Before the primer dries, apply the fiber-rich mascara on top of the primed lashes to create an extreme lash fringe effect
  • Repeat on other eye.
  • Removes easily with cleanser formulated for the skin and water. 

So here is a clear Before and After of my barely there lashes. And here is an after of how my lashes look after doing the two step system. This is only one brush through. I did not go over my lashes again. In fact I hate doing that because I already have short curly lashes and I feel when going back over the lashes with waterproof mascara or any mascara it makes them clumpy and spider legs looking.  This is not my top fave mascara at all. I wish I could separate them a bit more but this is not bad. And the fact that black primer exist now in drug store mascaras is amazing because I feel that white primers always changes the effect of black mascaras and never understood why anyone would create a white primer mascara base. 

Here are some more photos to enjoy!

Check out them rustic brows...

I'd like to thank HEB for having me and for being so pleasant. But I would specifically like to thank Kristen from the HEB location on San Felipe. She is the beauty advisor there and she helped me so much even though she was busy and all over the place because she is a true multi-tasker. If you're ever at that location ask for her and tell her Faith the Beauty Expert that worked the Loreal event sent you.

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